Pooh Corner (Store)

As I said before, there’s not a lot in Critter Country–two rides, two stores, and a restaurant. As such, I rarely make it all the way back there unless I’m going on Splash Mountain. And to be honest, I don’t go on Splash Mountain very often, mainly because I don’t like walking around all wet unless it’s really hot out, and most of the time it’s hot out my pass is blocked. Plus it was closed for refurb for like the entire winter and just recently reopened.

Anyway, so not being back in Critter Country very often means that I haven’t been back to the Pooh Corner store (oh I forgot–there’s also the Pooh and Friends meet and greet there too). In fact, I didn’t even know it was named the Pooh Corner Store. Because it’s not. It’s just named Pooh Corner, which sounds all friendly and all until you realize that A. A. Milne’s version of Pooh Corner did not involve merchandising.

And the whole thing is all inside a tree!

In true Disneyland fashion, the theming goes all the way to the sky. I like the details above the entrance.

It's a tree house where nobody lives, except maybe Disneyland's stray cats

There are two parts of the store–actually I think it’s two stores, but anyway, I will refer to them by their technical names, “The Right Side” and “The Left Side” based on where they are located as you’re looking at the middle.

The Right Side is extensively Pooh-themed. This is the section I haven’t be in in forever.

Still high from his drug trip, Pooh pushes the limits of safety by engaging in thrill-seeking behavior

Which brings me to another thing I didn’t know existed–Pooh Corner has a candy-making window.

Wow! When did they put this in?

There’s another candy making window on Main Street (which I formerly thought was the only one) and that has always been one of my Top 3 desired Disneyland jobs (the other two being a Jungle Cruise Skipper and a Tour Guide). I don’t know why. In reality, standing there making candy for the entire shift is probably a lot of work. But maybe it’s just something leftover from childhood where wow, making CANDY ALL DAY LONG!!!!! seems really cool.

Anyway, they also sell treats that you can’t get in other parts of the park, like these:

Hunny Pot crispie treats

And Tigger Tails, which are a stick with marshmallows covered in caramel, orange-colored white chocolate, and drizzled with milk chocolate. And crack.

Sorry, no picture. Oops.

Pooh Corner also has a stuffed animal section, and first I need to talk about Theo and his Pooh Bear. This is a man who loves his Pooh Bear. He has three sleeping companions–a stuffed duck named Duckie, a blue blanket named Blanket, and a Pooh Bear. All are an integral part of sleeping.

Theo says good morning with Blanket and Pooh Bear (and also Giant Snoopy, but he doesn't sleep there, he was just visiting)

In fact, when we traveled to the East Coast last week, we brought along Duckie and Blanket but left Pooh Bear behind because he doesn’t really pack well. We thought it wouldn’t be a problem, since those were the 2 out of 3 crib friends we brought to the Mouse-in-law, but something apparently changed between February and June because leaving Pooh Bear behind was a big mistake. The first hotel we were at was a suite so Theo had his own room. After we put him to bed and closed the door, we heard “Pooh Bear? Pooh Bear? Pooh Bear?” for seriously like 15 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but set a timer for 15 minutes and then say “Pooh Bear?” over and over in the most heart-wrenching, pathetic voice you can muster, and that was our first night. Pooh Bear was requested again at nap time, and the second night we had another round of “Pooh Bear?”s. By the third night we had finally convinced him that Pooh Bear was safe at home keeping Digory and Nyna company (Digory being the dog and Nyna being my friend Diana, who was house-sitting). He seemed mostly okay with that, but every night for the rest of the trip he said with maximum pathos, “Pooh Bear home. Pooh Bear home. Pooh Bear HOME.”

We’re going to get a travel-sized Pooh Bear before we go anywhere else.

Anyway, Pooh Corner happens to have a big display of exactly the Pooh Bear we have. Theo immediately spotted one. And seriously, I didn’t get a shot of his face, but his expression was like “Oh THERE you are, what are you doing here?”

Pooh Bear! Pooh Bear! Pooh Bear! Pooh Bear!

He insisted on holding one of them.

Hold it? Hold it? Hold it?

And then he made his move.


He wasn’t really trying to steal it. It was like he thought that his own Pooh Bear had been strangely misplaced but it was okay, Theo was going to take him back home again. Which in Toddler Land makes perfect sense.

After the joy and delight that is The Right Side, you move to The Left Side, which is kind of disappointing. It’s really just your standard-issue merchandise without anything particularly interesting.

Except for the occasional toddler trying to make a break with a stolen Pooh Bear

The outside of The Left Side isn’t as cute either.

This is where Pooh picks up his mail though

In between the two sides is a quaint porch area.

Nowhere to sit though

Even if you’re not a Pooh fan, it’s worth your while to go check out Pooh Corner. I’ve only had a Tigger Tail once, but it is delicious. Very sweet, but also very good. I always forget about them though, particularly when I’m stuffing my face with popcorn and churros, but I’ll try to remember next time and take a picture for you.

6 responses to “Pooh Corner (Store)

  1. Denise July 11, 2011 at 6:14 am

    Shelby, how did you separate Theo from the Pooh Bear he picked up in Pooh Corner?

  2. Kat July 11, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    This may be my new favorite post! ❤ Theo!!

  3. Amber July 13, 2011 at 10:07 am

    When we were at Disneyland on Monday, my mother-in-law kept our DD while we rode Splash Mountain. While they were waiting our DD spotted a large pooh bear in the decoration window. Apparently she spent several minutes standing on her tiptoes trying to reach through the glass to get the Pooh bear. I explained to my MIL that she has a smaller version of that same bear at home that my mom bought for her when we visited Disneyland in June. (She also has a larger, but different version, of Pooh bear that she LOVES. When we returned from Disneyland in June she carried it around with her for quite a while.) Anyway, I assumed like you, that she thought that was her bear and was just trying to rescue it.

  4. Melinda July 13, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    We have two mostly-identical stuffed Pooh bears that my kids used to play with. I say mostly-identical because one of them has a heavier brow than the other one, which partially blocks his eyes and caused my son to call him “Angry-eyes Pooh” when he was young–20+ years ago, now. And the thought still makes me laugh.

  5. Traci July 13, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    It’s definitely a hard place to choose a treat. There are so many. Shop lifting when you are a baby means such a different thing then when your older. In his mind he was just recovering his friend from an uncomfortable shelf. I have fond memories of Pooh’s Corner in the ’80s. Have you seen the old one? Here’s the link in case you haven’t. It’s so much better than the new one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPN3G00Xlvw&feature=related

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