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Character Pictures

This is sort of one of those miscellaneous posts with pictures and stuff. With characters, to be specific.

Over at Mickey’s Halloween Party (which was awesome, btw) the lines for character pictures were abysmal. However, we did wait for Winnie the Pooh and it turned out that Rabbit was with him too. Pooh was wearing his Halloween costume.

Isn't it funny how a bear likes honey? Buzz buzz buzz, I wonder why he does.

I just love it when little kids hug the characters.

Usually the characters have a handler. The handler usually wears a button that says something like “Ask me about character pictures” or something. Which is kind of lame because if you see one they’re usually with a character, so it’s kind of self-explanatory about when they’re going to be out in the park.

Sometimes the characters, if they are popular ones, will have a Photopass photographer too. Either way, the handler or the Photopass photographer will take a picture with your own camera for you.

Occasionally a character will have neither a handler nor a Photopass photographer. In that case, you must rely on the help of strangers or just do a self-portrait.

I think this one turned out pretty good for a self-portrait.

I’m not sure why Gepetto was standing there all by himself, but there ya go.

Recently my friend and classmate Lyn came to visit from Albany, NY. We ended up running into a couple of characters and got some quick shots. We happened to stumble across some of the villains.

Jafar and the Evil Queen from Snow White

I have never seen Jafar out and about. And I’ll be honest with you–he was pretty creepy.

He's very tall

His face was molded into what I assume is supposed to be an impatient power-grabber, but it just actually looks weird. Plus there’s this mesh stuff where his neck is which does not in the least bit look like a neck. And he’s got fake fingers. He was pretty weird.

The Evil Queen from Snow White played to role to the hilt. She had noticed we were staring at her when she walked up, and when we went to get our picture she was like “Oh, so you’ve decided to take a picture with me after all of that staring” in a very haughty, evil queen kind of voice. Not gonna lie–I was a little scared myself.


When we went over to Toontown, the sign posted on Mickey’s house said the wait was 15 minutes. Since you finish Mickey’s house in his Movie Making Barn where you then get to meet Mickey and take a picture. We assumed 15 minutes was the wait to see Mickey. We were incorrect. It was actually more like 45 minutes. Bummer.

Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey

I’ve noticed that I tend to do this weird upper body lean thing in character and group pictures. Like I’m all “make sure everyone’s in the picture” so I’m leaning to do that, but nobody else is so I just look kind of weird. Whatever.

Anyway, a few hours after the above picture was taken, Mickey did a costume change and went over to the Mouse-Next-Door where we caught him again.

Captain Mickey

I actually deliberately stood up straight in that picture. And I look like a normal person!

Naturally I failed to bring my autograph book. I really kind of suck at getting autographs.

I Have No Idea What These Guys Are Called

No, seriously. Some blogger, eh?

My friend Lyn and I were walking around the park and I noticed that the Golden Horseshoe was no longer under construction, so we stopped in. There was already a comedy show in progress:

Who am I?

It was actually quite funny, particularly the guy in drag

Hey, back in Shakespeare's time all the female roles were played by men!

It actually reminded me of a very scaled-down version of the Hoop Dee Doo Revue at the mouse-in-law, which we loved.

Pure comedy gold

But I don’t know what these guys are called. And I lost the entertainment schedule that said who they were. The best thing the interwebz can come up with is Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, but I don’t think it’s them because I think they are all musicians and this was definitely a (short) show.

So I’m sure one of my sharp-eyed readers can help me out here.

The Golden Horseshoe features a quick-service counter

Step right up!

And lots of tables to sit at

Let's sit and have a bite

It’s also got a second story

Which affords a rather surprisingly fabulous view

And in addition to the tables, there’s also a general seating area upstairs

Yep, here it is.

The Golden Horseshoe was yet another one of those things I always walked right past at Disneyland. I’m glad I took the time to see it.


She lives!

Sort of. Sorry for letting this blog lie fallow here. We shot off to Vegas, also known as Disneyland for adults, for an early 10th anniversary celebration, and now I’m finishing up my critical thesis and other schoolwork due tomorrow, so I won’t get to a post for another day or so. Stay with me here–I don’t take very many blog vacations you know!

Alice in Wonderland

And here’s another one of those rides I haven’t ridden since forever! The good thing was that my friend Lyn was game, so we went on.

Alice is in one of the brighter pastel colored areas of the park. I know, brighter and pastel don’t really go together, but hey, I never claimed to be good at colors.

Theo's new favorite ride

I don’t know how often the wait is usually but we didn’t have to wait very long.

Wait time is...indecipherable in this picture

The Mad Hatter gives some jacked up directions, which pretty much exemplifies my own sense of direction.

I kept expecting this flower to burst into song

There are a number of switchbacks in the line

Lots of people

Now here’s the bummer part–Alice is under construction so a lot of the loading area is actually tarp. But the problem is that it’s been like that and seriously, some of it is held up by zip ties!

Is that a tarp? Yes it is.

Anyway, next you get into your Seriously Pissed Off Caterpillar car

I'd be kind of pissed off it I spent my life running on a track at Disneyland

Now, kind of the cool thing about Alice is that there are actually portions where you’re outside. And that’s a good place to be if the parade is passing by.

Heading in...

Now, the track ┬áis slower and doesn’t yank you around like some other dark rides, so I was able to get better pictures.


Oh, another nice thing about Alice is that it’s not scary. Unless you take a smeared picture of the Queen of Hearts


After that you head back outside again for a leisurely couple of gentle back and forths

Awesome when it rains!

And you get to see the inside of The Secret Book

Not really a secret book

You head back in for some more stuff and then see the Cheshire Cat

Not even close to the drug trip that is Winnie the Pooh

And you’re all done!

Caterpillar butt

I actually enjoyed Alice a lot more than I remembered enjoying it. We also took Theo on it and he was totally not scared, which is more than I can say for, well, Pinocchio. I still feel bad about that.


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