That Genie’s Lamp

So back in the day, I posted about the stores in Adventureland, and one of the unknown (to me) things I saw back there was a genie’s lamp.

Out of order.


However, I went recently and guess what was back IN order?

No really, guess.


The Lamp!

Yeah, Aladdin had to go into the Cave of Whatever It’s Called But It Will Kill You If You’re Not The Diamond In The Rough Or Something, but you my friends, YOU, can find it right there in Adventureland.

Needless to say, I had to stick in my 50 cents.

Because the sign said so

And really? 50 cents? But whatever.

I had hoped the lamp would spit out some kind of fortune card or something, but it did not. Instead, it lit up and flashed a lot.

This is your 50 cents' worth

And the genie, who was decidedly not Robin Williams, spoke to me.

Out loud, not just in my head.

The genie predicted that, among other things, I would become fabulously wealthy and I might want to seriously consider buying lottery tickets (done and DONE!). It also predicted that I would win the Superbowl as a starring athlete.

So look for me on the field y’all. Look HARD.

Okay, it didn’t say the Superbowl, but it was strongly implied.

All in all, did I feel like I got my 50 cents’ worth? Sure, why not? It’s Disneyland!

One response to “That Genie’s Lamp

  1. Staz January 28, 2012 at 10:46 am

    “So look for me on the field y’all. Look HARD.”

    Pretty sure that’s my new favorite quote.

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