One More Disney Day Trip Report: Tuesday Night 2/28

It’s One More Disney Day, Disneyland’s Leap Year celebration during with Disneyland Park will be open for 24 hours straight, from 6am the 29th to 6am the 1st.

As an added incentive, the first 2,000 people in the door get a free pair of mouse ears. For that, guests were allowed to line up starting at 10pm Tuesday night. I headed over there around 11 and it was mighty crowded.

First, parking was in the Pumbaa lot, which is on Disney Way across from the Gardenwalk. It was actually quite nice and a quick walk over to the park.

The parking lot already had well over 100 cars

The queuing area was not in the Esplanade, as I had previously thought, but rather in the bus drop off area on the Harbor Blvd. side of the park.

The sidewalk was already getting crowded

South side

It was chilly but people huddled in for the night

And seemed to be waiting patiently

I had to ask a cast member for directions, and then he was pretty confused when I asked him if I could take his picture

Blurry! Gah!

Some people were already sacked out

This can't be comfortable

I went to the front of the line to interview people. They had gotten in line at bout 6 or 7.

Robert, Jeff, Shelly and Jamie

Jeff was telling me that he has gone to Disneyland every day this year. Shelly and Jamie were from New Jersey and were here specifically for One More Disney Day. It’s Shelly’s Leap Year birthday as well as their 25th anniversary. They traveled all the way here just for this advent. Cool!

Security did move the line from time to time

In motion

And I got to chat with a bunch of cool people, like Leslie and Ashley, who left Utah at 4:30am and drove straight here to get in line

Air mattress! Good call!

They said they actually got a nap there. I’m impressed.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos




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