Oswald’s Service Station

Once upon a time there was an animator named Walt Disney. He created a character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald was kind of funky looking–a bit like what would become his younger brother, Mickey Mouse, except with long black ears.

Unfortunately, Universal owned the rights to Oswald, so he hasn’t made any appearances in the Resort…until now!

Well, in name anyway

Disney actually ended up trading ABC/ESPN sports caster Al Michaels to NBC, and in exchange Universal signed over their rights to Oswald.

Talk about a bizarre switch, but it worked!

Oswald’s Service Station features gas pumps of the era.

The gas pump

And a fancy car!

Not for sale

What IS for sale are various items within the Service Station

Lightning McQueen mouse ears

Generalized Disney merchandise

And of course, the loving details that make Disney amazing.

Mickey Mouse bell and cans of oil

And this is  my favorite part.

Oswald’s first dollar

Such a fun little store right as you walk in to the park.


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