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What I’m Thankful For

Today is very special for me, not just because it’s Thanksgiving, but because 10 years ago today, I got to marry the love of my life.

Kevin and I got married at the Redondo Beach Public Library–a historic library (no longer used as a library) overlooking the ocean.

It was pouring rain. And I mean POURING. We specifically, and as it turned out wisely, arranged an indoor wedding because I just KNEW it was going to rain. I was right. It was so bad–the venue had very limited parking so it was mandatory valet parking. My cousin pulled up and got out of the car only to have a huge gust of wind blow the car door shut. Running. He had to wait for AAA to get it open and accidentally missed the ceremony!

We also had a very special member of the wedding party.

That’s our little dog, Scout. We lost her last December when she was almost 15 years old. We still miss her.

But what an amazing day. Right as we walked down the aisle, the clouds broke and we had the most beautiful sunlit ocean in front of us.

The ceremony was just lovely.

We had our kiss and then our special family member.

The toasts were heartfelt, funny, and very moving.

Our first dance was choreographed because honestly, there’s nothing worse than a wedding dance of couples draped all over each other like drunkards stumbling home at midnight.

Then it was time for cake! We had a spice cake with an apple spice filling to follow the Fall theme.

I told Kevin if he shoved cake in my face I’d divorce him right then and there.

He chose the fake-out instead.

With the champagne toast

And then the party started

This is my mother, by the way:

We did take some time to be together

We were surrounded by a crowd of love

And we had some very special memories of people who have since passed away.

My uncle Tom and my Grandpa Rosiak, who is Theo’s namesake.

A polka with my beloved Grandpa Siok. He passed away a week after Theo was born, just long enough to see pictures of his great-grandson.

Congratulations abound

It was exhausting

And my feet hurt

But oh, so, so worth it.

Happy Anniversary, honey. I love you more and more with each passing day.

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