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Aladdin’s Oasis?

Once upon a time, there was the Tahitian Terrace. Located in Adventureland between the Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise, the Tahitian Terrace was a splendid outdoor dining show. Or so they say, since despite being in operation for more than 30 years and despite my growing up in Southern California, I never once ate there. Or even knew it existed.

In my defense, for years and years we only went once a year on a private company night and as such, there were many things that didn’t operate at that time of day and year. Like the Explorer Canoes or the fact that you can actually go to the island in the middle of the Rivers of America. I was in high school and there in the middle of the day when I was like “What? You can row your own canoe? Since when???” and people were like “since always?” But whatever.

Anyway, never ate at the Tahitian Terrace. And when the Tahitian Terrace closed and was replaced by Aladdin’s Oasis, I never ate there either. More defendable on that front, since apparently Aladdin’s Oasis was only an actual dinner show for two seasons, both of which occurred when I was in college in the Midwest (where incidentally, I did paddle my own canoe down a river, but that’s a whole other story).

So basically, my entire experience with this location has involved walking past it saying, “is that a restaurant? I’ve never seen it open.”

That person in the foreground in black is thinking, "Is that a restaurant? I've never seen it open."


Well it’s not a restaurant anymore. Let me just put that issue to rest. Apparently for a while it was used as a storytelling location. If this is still the case, I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never seen it open.

Quite lovely


The entrance is delightfully-themed. The colors are bright, the building is detailed, and it’s all-around a lovely place. It even has a lovely courtyard.

It's actually kind of romantic back here


But the only thing I’ve ever seen it used for is this:



An Aladdin meet and greet. It’s always so weird, because the entranceway is lush and decorated and you really feel like any second now it could open up and be come kind of restaurant or show, or both. It doesn’t look neglected or forgotten, it just sits there, totally unused, except for a sporadic meet and greet location. Go figure.

I do hope that one day they’ll reopen the main area. I know that it shares kitchen space in the back with what is now the Jolly Holiday Bakery. I wonder if they’ll ever do anything with it? Until then, it just sort of stands there making people think “Is that a restaurant? I’ve never seen it open.”

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