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Anaheim Animatronic Hippo Conservation Society

Ladies and Gentlemice, I’ve recently become acquainted with a pair of advocates who deserve nothing less than full MYWTM support: the Anaheim Animatronic Hippo Conservation Society. Caitlin and Jeremy are working tirelessly to save the animatronic hippos found in the Rivers of the World (Jungle Cruise) and introduce them to a better life elsewhere in the park.

If you’ve ever ridden the Jungle Cruise you no doubt remember the part where hippos emerge from the water with their ears wiggling. Despite the lack of ANY scientific evidence that such ear wiggling is an indicator of aggression, these animals are shot at with cap guns. What a tragedy.

Now let’s be clear: the animatronic hippos of Disneyland are more than mere “robots.” They are gentle giants of the river, minding their own business wiggling their ears when set upon by careless Jungle Cruise Skippers who shoot at them while cracking jokes. JOKES!!

Ladies and Gentlemice, the slaughter of animatronic hippos is no laughing matter*. Please watch the Public Service Announcement here and consider opening your hearts to the hippos of Disneyland. They desperately need your support. Visit the Anaheim Animatronic Hippo Conservation Society website now to learn more about this worthy endeavor.

*except when it’s hilarious

**Yep, parody. Don’t you love it?

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