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Bengal Barbecue

I don’t eat at Disneyland all that often, but one place I love is the Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland. Back when I was younger I used to go to  the Renaissance Fair and one of the food boths was called “Steak on a Stake.” That is, a piece of beef on a stick. I loved it not only because it tasted good, but because it had such an awesome name. Maybe Ren Faires do still sell Steak on a Stake. I dunno. Anyway, Disneyland has their own version of steak on a stake and you will find it at the Bengal Barbecue.

I love foods that come on a stick. Corndogs, ice cream bars, s’mores, etc. But it’s weird because I don’t like the stick itself. I mean, the feel of wood against my tongue is really unpleasant. It is not unpleasant to Digory the beagle, however. He once grabbed a corndog off of a plate and ate the entire thing including the stick. The vet said not to worry about it. He said the same thing after Digory ate 6 cupcakes including the paper wrappers. Some of us had to do without on Theo’s birthday because of that.

But anyway, over in Adventureland you’ll find the Bengal Barbecue.


It’s in a roundish hut wearing a cute little pointed hat.

You’ll find the Bengal Barbecue across from the Jungle Cruise, but it’s also in what has to be the biggest traffic jam of the park. The path that leads from the Tiki Room to Pirates of the Caribbean is really narrow and always crowded. Every once in a while you will see a cast member trying to convince people to walk to the right of whichever direction you’re going, but often it’s a free-for-all. And lots of people take the opportunity in the most crowded walkway of the park to check their maps or call Aunt Tilly on their cellphone and stop in the middle to have a conversation. I hate that.

The Bengal Barbecue often has a big line.

Lots of people

Or not.

Few people

You’ll want to try to catch it when there’s no line. I mean, you’ll want to try to catch ANYTHING at Disneyland when there’s  no line, but the Bengal Barbecue does tend to take a really long time to get through. Behind the counter in the middle is a big fire cooktop thingie. Your Bengal choices are beef, chicken, and some vegetable thing. Both the beef and the chicken take a while to cook, so if the guy in front of you just ordered for the entire high school marching band, you can expect to stand there for a while.

I really like the steak on a stake.


My only beef (ha ha, get it? I’m so funny) with the Bengal Barbecue, aside from the sometimes long wait, is that you really don’t get very much for your money. The steak on a stake picture above is exactly one order of the beef. I can’t remember how much it costs off the top of my head, but it is, in my opinion, pretty pricey for what you get.

Unlike the corndog cart at the end of Main Street, which gives you the most food bang for your buck in Disneyland.

Tomorrow is my Star Tours preview day. Don’t move from this spot!

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