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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Do you have any idea how hard that is to spell? Let’s just acronym-ize to BBB. Look! I made up a word!

Anyway, the BBB is like the ultimate thing for princessy girls. It’s a makeover studio where you can get all princess-ized (I’m making up words all over the place!). It’s located in Fantasyland right at the entrance to the castle. You can’t miss it because you run into this cart:

Hi! I'm at the entrance to Fantasyland!

You can see the BBB sign in the back. There’s a lovely display window giving you a taste of what you’re about to enter:

Child-sized Cinderella dress

And the BBB itself looks like a castle, right behind the castle. Or in front depending on which side of the castle you’re standing on.

Come in and get your hair done

Inside it’s like a regular store with princess overload. All kinds of princess dresses and accessories

And bored customers

Plus a few seasonal items

Still Halloweentime

But of course, the main thing at the BBB is the makeover. There are a few packages you can get, which involve a new hairstyle for your little princess, nails done, various accessories, and at the top level they’ll throw in a princess dress. The back area is a salon

For said makeovers

You can take as many pictures as you want, provided it’s your child who is being made over. Otherwise they kind of give you a weird look and you have to move along.

The packages are pricey, starting at around $50 up to $200, and the up-dos are pretty elaborate. Also you can get a sash.

There's not even a talent competition!

This is the kind of thing that makes me glad that Theo isn’t into princesses. It is very cute, but kind of a lot of money. The little girls all seem to love it though. They do have a package for boys that’s just like hair glitter. Oh, also they have the Photopass photographers there documenting everything in case you want the professional Disney pictures. It’s quite an interesting little place.

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