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Red Car Trolley From The Inside, Woot!

I can’t get enough of Buena Vista Street, guys.

Also my kid can’t get enough of saying the word “guys.” It’s terrible, really, the things you hear coming out of your 3 and 1/2 year old’s mouth. Luckily so swear words, yet. We were at the park this weekend (a ┬áneighborhood park, not The Park) and Theo kept going up to all of the other little kids asking, “Do you want to be my best friend?” When he finally got a taker, another little kid his age, he kept calling this other kid “Orange Shirt Guy.” Like “Hey, Orange Shirt Guy! Want to go down the slide together?” or “Follow me, Orange Shirt Guy!” I honestly could not believe my ears. Neither could the woman next to me, who was like, “Did he just say ‘Orange Shirt Guy’?” and naturally she turned out to be OSG’s mother. So I felt obligated to keep calling out, “Honey! His name is Thomas!” but really I was secretly proud of how hilarious my child is.

Clearly a visual learner, as another friend pointed out.

Also, did you know that you can neatly fold down your popcorn box at Disneyland?

No way!


So maybe I’m the last person to find that out, but it pretty much blew my mind.

I learned this from a cast member when I boarded the Red Car Trolley.

With all the lights on

No eating or drinking in the trolley. And if you have a box of popcorn, you now know how to fold it up.

You’re welcome.

I haven’t had much luck getting on the Trolley. Well obviously I had SOME luck or I couldn’t have taken these pictures.

Ding ding!

But I’ve really only been able to ride it once. Which is a bit disappointing since it’s so cool.

The trolley goes from Buena Vista Street through Hollywoodland to the Tower of Terror, and obviously back again. I hopped aboard this one at the Tower of Terror stop.

More high-quality photography

The trolley does not go very fast. Obviously, since it would just mow people down right and left and how embarrassing would that be? There is a person who walks in front of it getting people out of the way.

I didn’t realize this until after I took this picture, but it looks like the scooter is beating the trolley.



I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure the trolley was not actually moving in that picture.

The trolley is something you ride for the experience of riding it. You could absolutely walk to any of its destinations much faster than riding there, but there is something special and kind of cool about taking the oldey-timey transportation down Buena Vista Street.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE this new entrance to California Adventure? I love it.





Elias And Company

Quick quiz–who was Elias Disney?

That’s right! Walter Disney’s father. Walter Elias Disney, to be precise. Don’t you love that? Walter Elias Disney. What a great name. He should have named his original imagineering company after that. Like WED. Oh wait, he did.

Over on Buena Vista Street there’s a series of interconnected shops, similar to Main Street in Disneyland. I say similar because the shops in Disneyland aren’t entirely connected (there’s a jump at the Carnation Cafe one one side and the fruit cart is on the other). The interconnected stores make this a great way to escape the parade crowd lining the street if you just want to get out (or in).

On the East side of Buena Vista Street is the series of stores that culminate in Elias and Co. The stores start with Los Feliz Five and Dime, which I covered here.

Next you move into Big Top Toys.

Because it’s blue and glowy and stuff

You know, the OC Register has a great article about the meanings of the stores on BVS and various trivia around them, and I’d really like to share that information but I feel like that’s cheating and quite possible illegal?

Anyway, here’s the Register article here, and it’s really interesting.

Inside Big Top Toys is where you can find the Disney pillow pets. Those bad boys must be popular because I get a LOT of search engine hits on Disney pillow pets.

Beyond Big Top

Kid’s clothes! Lots of cute stuff in here. But it’s really too bad they carry so much Disney stuff at other stores. There seems to be very few Disney Parks-exclusive items, in the sense that it looks like you can only get them here. That’s a bummer. I love park-specific merchandise.

Moving along, you get all Art Deco-y


And then this fabulous light fixture. I love it.


I know, that picture looks familiar. What can I say, I recycle my own photographs.

A tree lives and flourishes in the woods every time I use a picture again.

Or something.

Clothes and such

What’s the deal with flip flops? I mean I know it’s California and all, but practically everyone’s running around in flip flops. I think I’m just jealous because I have these horrid fallen arches and I have to wear old-lady orthotics in my sensible shoes.

Also when I was a kid, we called flip flops “thongs,” which has an entirely different meaning now.

It’s big. It’s round. It’s imposing.

This whole mall really gives you the feel of classic department stores back in the 20s.

I think. Not having gone to department stores in the 20s.

This one just looks like an office building

Like I expect to see my podiatrist in one of the offices on that second floor there.

He’s shaking his head telling me not to wear flip flops.

Here it is again

That’s another view of what looks like should be some kind of offices in the second floor. Dentists? Lawyers? Flip flop repairmen? Oh sorry, that was sexist. Flip flop repairpersons?

I’m not sure why I took that picture, actually. Moving on.

I want this.

I collect pens. I want this pen. It’s really not that expensive. Christmas is coming.

It’s big. It’s round. It’s imposing.

I do like this one because it just SCREAMS jewelry. The light and color–very platinum. Once upon a time, Disneyland used to sell very expensive jewelry. Now it’s all kind of cheap. Like so cheap they don’t even need to put it under glass. What happened to the good stuff?

You know what would be a very authentic department store experience? If they had to open up all of those jewelry cabinets.

Talk about a great use of time.

It’s a vault

THAT’S what I’m talking about!!

From the outside

The architecture on Buena Vista Street is just exquisite. It really is.

I want to shop here

Buena Vista Street is so full of class and elegance.

Except for the tourists.

Like me.











Disney Pillow Pets and Big Top Toys

I get quite a few blog hits for Disney Pillow Pets, so I thought I’d add some more to the stash. These Pillow Pets you can get inside Disneyland:

Minnie and Pluto

Tigger, Eeyore, and Dumbo

I actually really like Dumbo. He’s so cute!

Elephants fly!

From Toy Story, Woody’s horse Bullseye, and Lotso, although I don’t know why you’d want a Lotso, since he was kind of the bad guy in the movie

Simba and Stitch

How much will these bad boys cost you?

This much

There’s also a Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, but they were out of stock when I took that particular picture. You can find these guys in the Big Top store on Buena Vista Street.

Over on the East side

Here’s a wider view of the store.

And pillow pets. This is what happens when you take pictures at different times.

There’s also a wide selection of Perry and Agent P merchandise. If you’re not watching Phineas and Ferb, you should be!

And other toys too

And when you’re all done, here’s where you’ll check out!

With a circus big top in the back!

Los Feliz Five and Dime

Ah, Buena Vista Street. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. Los Feliz Five and Dime.


Just like Main Street is a shopping street, so is Buena Vista Street. But unlike Main Street, Buena Vista Street’s stores are all interconnected throughout the whole street. On the East side, you start with Los Feliz Five and Dime.

Even the exterior is awesome, including small murals like this:

That’s very Los Angeles-y

Love those little outfits.

Anyway, Los Feliz Five and Dime is your go-to hat store on Buena Vista Street.

I love the open-beamed ceilings

There you will find your hat writing machines, for all of your hat writing needs.

And cute hats on display

Los Feliz Five and Dime is also your destination for Red Car Trolley merchandise.



Picture frames

I know, I’m REALLY into the trolley, okay? Theo is going to LOVE it. I’m sure he would also LOVE this:

Remote control Red Car Trolley, whaaaaattt???

Actually I think Kevin might like that as much as Theo would. Theo recently got a remote controlled Lightning McQueen for his half-birthday that he loves. Mostly I think he just gets a kick out of driving it under furniture and then reversing it to drive back out again. Although he is getting relatively adept at turning.

Well, he was, until we had to take it away because he wasn’t doing something he was supposed to do (I can’t remember what, but he had a choice–do it or lose Lightning McQueen). I think I’ll be nice and give Lightning McQueen back tomorrow.

ANYway, I also love that Buena Vista Street honors Disney history. We’re so used to the modern Mickey, it’s really fun to see a plush version of the original Mickey.

In a conductor costume!

I feel like I might need to own that.

And when you’re in ANY Disney store, don’t forget to LOOK UP!

Tin toys!


You guys are going to love Buena Vista Street when you get a chance to see it!

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