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Blue Ribbon Bakery

So I need to blog this now because soon the Blue Ribbon Bakery as I know it (and as you will come to know it, ever so briefly in this post) will be gone. It shall be replaced with a newer, better bakery, or so they say.

Yeah, I took these pictures at night. At Christmas. Sue me.

The Blue Ribbon Bakery is about halfway down Main Street on the right. It’s actually located in a small space between the Gibson Girl ice cream parlor and the Carnation Cafe.

And here's the sign

Although it does not immediately look like it, the Blue Ribbon Bakery is on a corner. And if you turn left onto that corner, you’ll find a very nice bathroom.

If you've gotta go, hang a left here

The BRB serves standard bakery fare.

Cupcakes, cookies, rice crispy treats, etc.

It also has good hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls.

The BRB does not, however, have great crowd control. I mean, the line for the bakery items themselves isn’t too complicated.

waiting for baked items

But those people you see in the foreground are not actually waiting for baked items.

They are waiting for ice cream next door.

The line for ice cream

As I mentioned over on my post about the Gibson Girl ice cream parlor, there was very little room for an extended queue there, and it backed up into the bakery. Additionally, the Carnation Cafe–one of the better sit-down restaurants in my opinion–had a rather truncated outdoor-only seating arrangement.

No more. All bakery items are being moved to the Jolly Holiday Bakery (new on the hub, haven’t been there yet) and the space formerly known as the Blue Ribbon Bakery will now be indoor seating for both the Carnation Cafe and the ice cream parlor.

While I’m a little sad about the loss of Blue Ribbon, the space is badly needed for both the Carnation Cafe and the Gibson Girl parlor. Plus I think the Jolly Holiday bakery and cafe is going to be even better. You can’t stop progress, people. You just can’t.

Jolly Holiday Bakery!


I’ve posted already about the Plaza Pavilion (aka The Single Most Wasted Space In The Entire Park), formerly a restaurant, recently the annual pass processing center. Well, rumors have been bouncing around for a while, but today Disney Parks Blog finally confirmed what will be going in there: a Jolly Holiday Bakery!

If you don’t get the “jolly holiday” part, you need to go re-watch Mary Poppins.

I am SO thrilled to see this news. I mean, pretty much anything would have been better in the Plaza Pavilion than the annual pass processing center, but a Mary Poppins-themed bakery is just delightful. I was really rooting for this rumor to be true.

So long, AP processing

Apparently work on this starts tomorrow and the new cafe will be open in January 2012! The cafe will have a new menu and outdoor seating. OUTDOOR SEATING, PEOPLE!!!!!

Insert tables and chairs here

Have a seat right over here! In January 2012!

This new bakery kicks off what looks like a large-scale renovation of most of the west side of Main Street. Again, according to the Disney Parks Blog, the Blue Ribbon Bakery will be closing and it looks like they’ll be using that space to 1) add indoor seating to the Carnation Cafe’ (a lovely little tucked-away sit down restaurant, and also a hidden and not very crowded bathroom), 2) enlarging the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor (you remember that part about no indoor seating? Well guess what? New indoor seating!), and 3) enlarging the Candy Palace kitchen. To which I say “bring on the candy!!!”

It looks like the Plaza Pavilion goes down tomorrow with the Jolly Holiday Bakery set to open in January, and then the other changing section to go down in January and open either in the spring or summer.

Although the question still remains…what are they going to do with The Restaurant That Can’t Decide What It Wants To Be Called?


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