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Crystal Arts

Among the shops on Main Street you’ll find the Crystal Arts shop. Now I’ll be honest with you–sometimes there are things that just make me say “why would you buy this?” and I’ve gotta say, the entire Crystal Arts shop is like that for me.

A rather plain outside, given how dazzling it is inside

I think perhaps part of the problem is that when I’m faced with that much glass that’s all displayed on glass, I can’t really figure out what I’m looking at.

A bunch of glass things

Of course there are things to drink out of

I think

Another thing I think puzzles me is that a large portion of what they have isn’t Disney-related at all. I mean, I can understand maybe wanting to take home a Mickey Mouse wine glass or something, but a cut glass vase? Why come all the way to Disneyland and pay Disneyland prices for that?

I guess part of it is that I’m cheap, so if I’m going to buy anything at Disneyland, it better be something clearly indicating that it came from Disneyland, know what I mean?

You can buy the castle in glass.

This would make an awesome weapon for intruders

I forgot to check how much that cost.

They also claim to have glass cutters, though I think that’s just window dressing.

Looking at the glass through the glass

I suppose maybe I’m spoiled, because when I think of quality cut glass I think of Waterford, and I have actually taken a tour of the Waterford factory in Ireland not once, but twice. It was very cool.

I guess people do buy these things–Crystal Arts isn’t the only place you can get them. I just can’t help but think gee, I’d hate to be there in an earthquake!

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