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Keychain Giveaway!

This post is dedicated to the keys that I lost at Disneyland that were turned in and I got back the next day! 🙂

We had so much fun on our Disney Cruise that I bought 3 items for giveaways. Well, actually buying the items had no impact on whether or not I enjoyed our Disney Cruise, which we very much did. Also I bought stuff. And we enjoyed the giveaways…

Okay, now I’ve just confused myself.

But for those of you who aren’t pin collectors or if you’re anyone who carries around a key, here is this adorable Disney Cruise Line keychain!

Thank you for sailing with us! You're welcome!

It’s a positively adorable faux-cruise ticket. And really, if the regular tickets looked like this that would be awesome too. Alas…

But still, this keychain CAN BE YOURS!!!

Here's the back

I know the picture makes it look huge without a reference, but seriously the keychain is only a couple of inches and well within most people’s keychain limits. Except for guys who seem to always want more manly keychains.

Nah, real men carry Disney keychains, am I right???

Here’s how to enter

So easy this time, folks. I’d like to bring in some new people to share the MYWTM love so here’s how to win:

1) Leave a comment saying “I have keys!”

2) Have a friend leave a comment using your name.

Now feel free to take this opportunity to invite your friends to explore this fabulously amazing blog (I’m referring to MYWTM here) and hey, just give them a chance to swing on by.

And there ya go! Contest ends 11:59 PST on Thursday October 20th. Good luck!

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