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We have a WINNER!!!

According to Random.org, our winner of the first* Mickey pin is…

Mickey King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, !!!!!!!!!

Mickey King, please send me an email at MyYearWithTheMouse@gmail.com  to collect your prize:

Congratulations, Mickey King!

*Wait, first? Did I just say first? YES! Don’t despair if you didn’t win–I’ve got one more Mickey pin to give away! PLUS, I’ve also got an adorable keychain for another lucky winner (unless I change my mind and decide to keep it. Heh.). So be sure to stay tuned to MYWTM–you never know when the next giveaway will pop up! With lots of exclamation points!!!!!

Disney Wonder Pacific Cruise Part 4 PIN GIVEAWAY!!

Don’t miss Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for my full trip report on the Disney Wonder Pacific Cruise, September 20-25th.

Notice I’m shortening the title? It’s getting a little unruly. But here we are on Part 4 of the cruise trip report and now, MYWTMouse fans, it’s time for a PIN GIVEAWAY!!!

But first, some chatting about our character breakfast. Our character breakfast was really a lot of fun, and because we were the second seating for dinner we didn’t have to get up insanely early to go to it either.

Theo was very excited!

Theo’s gotten really into characters lately, particularly Goofy, so it is always fun to meet the characters. I love character meals too. We had our first one at the Mouse-in-Law (Disneyworld for you newbies) and it was awesome. Such a great way to meet the characters in a low-key format, and you get to eat instead of just waiting in line!

Practicing our smile, sort of

Unfortunately the breakfast is a pretty packed house so you don’t get a lot of time with the characters (that was actually my main complaint of the whole trip was the availability of the characters. I actually wrote a big complaining email and got a very sincere apology for our disappointment, which was nice). Anyway,

This is Dale--you know because he's the one with the red nose

The characters had their pre-set route, and it seemed like we were the last table on the whole circuit so that was a little tough for Mr. Impatient (Theo, not Kevin). But one of my favorite moments was when Pluto came up behind Theo and Theo was completely unaware that he was there. Kevin had to tap him on the shoulder a few times to get his attention.


Pluto is so silly!

Chip swung by, like literally swung.

Chip is the one with the black nose, like a chocolate chip (I learned that on this blog!)

Theo has become a real Mickey and Minnie fan too.

Telling Minnie a story. Minnie is remaining strangely silent.

Mickey is definitely one of my favorites.

Hey big guy!

Gimme five!

We actually didn’t get to see Goofy given our location on the circuit and Theo’s attention level at the end of breakfast. We made up for it by seeing Goofy later though!

But now it’s time for the…


I never forget my loyal fans, even when I’m trying to! 😉 So I got a few souvenirs for my peeps. I looked for Disney Cruise Line exclusives, and I think you’re going to like…

Old-fashioned Captain Mickey!

I loved this little guy and can’t wait to send him to one of you! Now I’m not a pin trader–I have some pins I like so I don’t want to trade them–but I think this one will make a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

Disney Cruise Line logo

How do you enter? By doing any or all of these:

  • Leave a comment saying, “I want a Mickey pin!”
  • Like MYWTM on Facebook and leave a comment, or if you already do, let me know
  • Refer a friend on Facebook! They must leave a comment with your name!
  • Tweet this phrase: Enter to win a #DCL exclusive #Pin! http://wp.me/p1eVIB-xe (and don’t forget to leave a comment here!)
  • Use! Lots! Of! Exclamation! Points! (okay, not really an entry, but obviously I’m a fan of the exclamation point)

This giveaway ends 11:59pm Pacific time on Friday, September 30th. That’s two days, so get crackin’, and good luck!

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