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Guest Post: Disney On Wheels

I’ve found so many wonderful blogs through MYWTM with so many different perspectives, but one of my favorites is Disney On Wheels. I’m so excited that Melissa agreed to do a guest entry here. I’ll let her tell you about herself in her own words:

Why I Love Walt Disney World

Limited. It is not a word I like to use but on most days it is how I feel. I wake up get into my wheelchair and try not to think about what I can’t do. But there are days when none of that matters and I almost feel like everyone else. Those are the days I spend at Walt Disney World.
People are always asking me why I want to go to Walt Disney World so much. “Weren’t you just there” is a question I often get. They just can’t seem to understand why I love being there so much. I can only speak from my experiences but I feel like Disney has done as much as possible to make sure everyone can experience the magic. The Cast Members treat me in a way that creates a level of respect that I very rarely find other places. I love to travel and I love visiting new places but I never, ever feel like I am treated at the same level as when I am at Walt Disney World. We are currently planning our next Disney vacation and are planning on buying Annual Passes for the very first time. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. To be able to visit the magic multiple times in the upcoming year is like a dream come true.

I often talk to my husband about our real life versus our Disney life. Problems that I have in my real life have never happened in my Disney life. When we check in to resort and the reservation is in my name they talk to me and not my husband. Almost never happens in my real life. In my real life I go to a restaurant and the host will lead us to a booth. I explain we need a table, again,  and they give me a blank stare. This never happens in my Disney life. I guess the point is Disney makes me feel like a person, not a person in a wheelchair.
I think that Walt’s dream was accomplished. He helped create a place where anyone can go and have a magical experience with their families. Sure there are things that are too hard to do or I simply can’t ride but I don’t care. Nothing, and I mean nothing stops me from having the time of my life at Disney World, it is a place of unlimited possibilities.
–Thank you so much, Melissa, for sharing your story with us.
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