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Custodial Donald Duck and also a Bachelorette Party

I’ve commented before on the custodial staff at Disneyland. They are amazing. Not only do they do things I would never, ever do, like dusting in between railings:

High up there on the list of things you’re not likely to see me doing in my own home

But they’re like the ninjas of cleaner-uppers. You drop something and they seemingly spontaneously grow from the ground, sweep up your popcorn or whatever, and disappear. And it’s practically instantaneous. I’d time it, but it would be pretty rude to drop something on the ground and wait around just to see how long it takes custodial to get rid of it. And I am not that rude.

Trust me though. They’re fast. The park is immaculate. I love it.

Whenever I go to the county fair I feel like I’m knee-deep in trash compared to Disneyland.

And sometimes, custodial just surprises you. Like when I came across a guy with a broom and a litter bucket full of water:

What is he doing?

Great question! He’s doing this:

Drawing with water!

I had heard other people report this but had never seen it before, so I was very pleased to catch it in person. I also happened to meet up with a blog reader, Jeri, and her bachelorette party about 2 minutes before that moment and when I was like WAIT I HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES OF THIS HERE WATCH THEO IN HIS STROLLER and went over to take some shots, they seemed a bit puzzled by my behavior. But they were all really nice about it and made sure Theo didn’t accidentally roll down Main Street while I snapped a few pictures.

It’s Donald!

The custodial cast member drew his Donald like he was picking up popcorn, like this was something he does every day. Which actually it probably is. He simply walked away when he was done.

I got stuck behind some tall people and had to hold my camera way above my head and shoot pictures, explaining the framing and photo quality of this one

Within a minute or so it started to disappear. It was super cool, being in the right place at the right time, for the right little bit of Disney magic.

And then the bachelorette party and I went over and rode on Buzz Lightyear, where Theo managed to score nearly 5,000 points by waving his blaster around and randomly pulling the trigger. He then declared the ride to be “scary” despite the fact that this is probably his 10th time on it. But it was okay because the bachelorette party went off to ride something truly scary, Space Mountain, and he and I went home.

And congratulations to blog reader Jeri on her upcoming nuptials!

Isn’t she cute?

She’s getting married on November 23rd, the day before the best day of the year to get married (which would be my own anniversary, the 24th). Help me wish Jeri a Happily Ever After!

And also Theo’s new favorite babysitters.

See? Wouldn’t you trust these women with your child? Of course you would.

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