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Mobile Magic

Smartphone users, this one’s for you!

Ever wish there was an app to tell you how long wait times are and when you can expect to find a character meet and greet and what’s the deal with the weather? One that would track you inside the parks and give you location-specific information? That’s free?

Well, my friends, it exists. If you do have a smartphone, you can download Disney Parks’ official app, Mobile Magic.

In order to give you a look at Mobile Magic in action, I took a series of pictures of my phone. Be prepared for some high-quality photography here.

It's all official looking and everything!

Once the app is loaded and running, you can choose from a variety of things you’d like to know about.

A map? Who needs a map?

Even the weather!

I checked this out right after I got off of Big Thunder. I wanted to see how long the wait was for Haunted Mansion before I schlepped my lazy self all the way over there. Mobile Magic pinpointed my location.

Right here in Frontierland

The Haunted Mansion was at the bottom of the list of attractions within the vicinity. On that screen it says that the wait is 5 minutes, but I wanted to see what the Haunted Mansion screen itself looked like.

It looks like this!

There’s a brief description of the attraction in case you don’t know what it is, and again, the wait time. 5 minutes was indeed accurate!

If you’re character hunting, the character feature might come in handy too.

How cute is that?

If you’ve got a smartphone on Verizon, I highly recommend Mobile Magic!

If you’re not on Verizon, you can also use your smartphone to access the Disney Parks mobile website, which will give you the same information, but not in such a cute and handy app.

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