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Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor (Plus A Contest!)

I could really go for an ice cream cone right now. I haven’t even had breakfast. Hey–ice cream for breakfast! Ice cream for lunch! Ice cream for dinner! Let’s scream Oprah-style EVERYONE GETS AN ICE CREAM! EVERYONE GETS AN ICE CREAM!

Actually I’ll admit I’m not a huge ice cream person. I do enjoy a good cone every once in a while, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s certainly hits the spot, but I’m not one of those ice cream obsessed people. When I think of ice cream I always think of when we lived in Germany. Now THOSE people love their ice cream. Any time, any place, anywhere, you’d see someone licking a cone or eyeing an ice cream vending machine longingly. Seriously, that was the only place I’ve ever seen people standing at a bus stop in the dead of winter, bundled up in coats, scarves, gloves and hats, snow swirling all around them, munching an ice cream bar. And not just once either.

Now that’s what I call dedication.

Anyway, when it gets nice and hot, an ice cream is the perfect snack at Disneyland. Not as perfect as popcorn or churros, since those aren’t weather-dependent, but close. And one of the places to get ice cream is at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor right on Main Street, U.S.A.

Ich möchte wirklich Eis

In keeping with Walt’s dream of having Main Street represent Anytown, USA in the early 20th century, the ice cream parlor is represented by the Gibson Girl.

Which then got me thinking a little bit. Who or what exactly is the Gibson Girl? I mean we’ve certainly seen her likeness in those nostalgic turn of the century images–the poofy hair, slim neck, waist the size of my wedding ring, long skirt, etc.–but who is she and where did she come from?

Well, according to my Standard Research Methodology, the Gibson Girl was drawn by this illustrator, Charles Gibson, who if you believe Wikipedia quite frankly (**language alert**) kind of sounds like an ass but if you read other sites within your allotted SRM 3 minutes doesn’t sound that bad. Apparently Charles Gibson was a very influential illustrator and created the Gibson Girl to depict the “ideal American woman” and then plastered her everywhere doing all kinds of things but notably excluding participating in the women’s suffrage movement. One site compared her to her later counterpart, Barbie, except the Gibson Girl didn’t live in a pink plastic house with a ridiculously out-of-proportion swimming pool.

Anyway, it looks like people have written entire PhD dissertations on the Gibson Girl but honestly I’m already bored with the topic so MOVING ON…

Back to the ice cream

I love the window details of the stores on Main Street. And once again, looking up reveals a whole new set of things I’ve never looked at before.

I love this brick work

That is, of course, the theatrical agency upstairs.

The other noticeable thing about the GG Ice Cream Parlor is that they make their own waffle cones and they gently waft the scent out the door so when you walk by you can’t help but notice the glorious, sweet smell of freshly-pressed waffle cone. I’m not joking about that, by the way.

But hey, armchair historians, are waffle cones historically accurate to the early 20th century? Just curious.

Disneyland accurately anticipates the popularity of this centrally-located ice cream shop (shoppe? pronounced “shop”) and you get a bunch of zig zags to wait in.

I'm only a couple of yards away from the counter but there are still 294 people in front of me! Must be Disneyland!

And here’s a question for my very knowledgeable readers–back behind the fruit cart next to the lockers, there’s another ice cream window:

Here it is!

Now I know this one is definitely a cone shop, because I cleverly read the sign (I’m smart like that) but I wonder–are they the same cones and the same ice cream that’s available across the street at the Gibson Girl Parlor? I never get cones at Disneyland–the chocolate chip cookie sandwich is my frozen dairy product of choice–so I can’t say, but if it’s the same ice cream and all you want is a cone, then this would be an awesome place to get it and skip the line at the GG Parlor. I’ve never seen a line at this window, and honestly before a couple of months ago I didn’t know this window existed at all.

Help me, readers! Is this the case?

Anyway, back at the GG Parlor, when you get up close and get dirty looks from people who think you’re cutting in line even though you’re just trying to get a picture, you can see the whole operation.

I'm certain that's an original electric waffle iron straight out of 1918, or an historic reproduction at least.

The GG Parlor does offer very, very, very limited seating.

There's like one and a half tables in this place

And there are various Gibson Girl portraits adorning the walls.

Including this one:


I’m talking about the bottom picture, of course, with the Gibson Girl holding her hands up in a “don’t shoot!” pose. This picture is just begging–BEGGING for a caption contest.

Here she is again, ladies and gentlemice:

Caption Me!


This one’s simple. Think of a caption. Leave a comment (upper right-hand corner of the post) with your caption or captions. Enter as many times as you want. Winner determined by me based on creativity, humor, and whichever one I like best. I will send you a prize which will probably be cool but maybe not, no guarantees, I haven’t decided yet. You don’t need to post a separate comment for each entry.

Have fun!

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