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La Masquerade d’Orleans

Masquerade, paper faces on parade, MASQUERADE!

Oh wait, Disneyland, not Phantom.

Anyway, La Masquerade d’Orleans is another one of those great little stores in New Orleans Square. It has a very cool sign.

It's like, all glowy and stuff

A closer look reveals that there’s more writing at the bottom. I can’t read it.

With the flash

Without the flash

Yep, no clue. Anyone know? Next time I’m going to take notes. Seriously, blogger fail.

Ah well, you still love me anyway, right?


Any, La Masquerade d’Orleans has some cool exterior decorations.

These make me swoon

And I’ll just interrupt a second here to say that I really would love to go to New Orleans sometime. I’ll put it on my list. And while I’m interrupting myself, I also have to say that I really hate the term “bucket list.” I don’t know why it grinds on me so strongly. Maybe because we have no idea when we’re going to kick the bucket, so it gives the impression that you’re only going to die after you do these things. Or maybe I just don’t like the term “kick the bucket.” Or maybe it’s that movie that I never saw that just irritates me. Anyway, I call my list “things I really want to do,” and going to New Orleans is on there.


I was hoping this store would carry, you know, like Mardi Gras masks and stuff, but unfortunately they don’t. The merchandise is basically pins, Vinylmation, and small knickknacks. And can you believe spell check just gave a thumbs up to “knickknacks”?



There are, however, cool details if you care to look around.

I want this light fixture

Especially if you look up.

Window adornments are always fabulous

And finally, a mask!


I think it would be so cool if Disneyland just sold Mardi Gras masks in there. I mean, I would probably even buy one, and I’m cheap! Just think of it–a mask store at Disneyland. *sigh*

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