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Lots To Do In Line Update and Twitter

Good news for Lots To Do In Line fans (my original book review is here, my interview with the author is here)–there’s a supplement for Cars Land and it’s available for free. That’s right–FREE! FREE FREE FREE!

And so few things in life are free.

The best thing about this freebie is that it’s a chance to check out Lots To Do In Line without having to pay for it. That’s right! You can get part of the book for free! So even if you don’t have a copy of Lots To Do, I highly recommend printing this bad boy out to see what it’s all about.

Click here for Cars Land for FREE!!!

Second, now that I’ve graduated from my awesome MFA program, I have some extra time on my hands to do exciting things like Tweet.

That’s right, I’m officially a Twit ¬†Tweeter. You can follow me by clicking on the hand button on the right, directly below the one that you already clicked to like me on Facebook. You did like me on Facebook, right?

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