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Happy 100th Birthday, Mary Blair!

Mary Blair did not live to see her 100th birthday, but her unbelievable art certainly has. Mary Blair was, quite simply, one of the best Disney artists of all times, IMO.

I had intended this post to be about the Disney Gallery, which used to be above Pirates of the Caribbean but is now attached to the former bank building, but then got caught up with the amazing Mary Blair exhibit.

The entrance

The exhibitions at the Disney Gallery change, so I was thrilled to see Mary Blair included.

If you know know who she is, she’s the one who designed Small World. Which is pretty darned amazing.

Concept art for Small World

The display calls for a brief introduction to Blair’s work:

All about Mary Blair in one rather small sign

Small World was a huge acheivement

Check this out!

Is this gorgeous or what?

But many people don’t know she did art for other subjects

Like this one

Most notably, Alice in Wonderland.

Simply beautiful

You can buy Mary Blair swag at the Gallery store


And here’s a picture of Blair with Walt Disney himself.

A strip of pictures, actually

Seriously folks, Mary Blair’s brilliant art and inspiration can be found in the park and in the spirit of Disneyland.

Happy birthday, Mary! Thank you for all you’ve given us!

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