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Dammit, Disney!!!

You know, I tend to get really fanatical when I have collections. Like I MUST OWN EVERYTHING NOW kind of thing, so I try to limit myself. I have a lovely collection of glass dip pens, and 6 or so mouse ear hats (4 of which are the traditional black. Kevin’s like “REALLY?”) but I have a hard time displaying those. Vinylmation have never interested me. Pins, I own a couple, but I only buy the ones I really like , so I don’t trade.

But now, Disney has struck to the very core of my being. Like a heart-tipped arrow of love shot by Mickey dressed up as a naked baby cupid (let’s not dwell on that image, okay?) straight through my heart.

Mini Ear Hats.

copyright Disney

My heart has melted into a big puddle of somewhat unattractive goo.

I need one.

I must have one.

Kevin was like “Oh great, one more thing to collect dust” but you know, it doesn’t collect dust if you dust it on a regular basis!

Of course, that would require me to dust on a regular basis so…Kevin has a point.

But they’re CUTE!!!

Okay, two drawbacks. One is the name–MousekeEars. I’m assuming it’s pronounced like Mouseketeer but it’s got an awkward full stop in the middle there. I would have given them another name. Like Mini-Mouse Ears. You know, a play on Minnie Mouse? Plus descriptive and easy to say? Hmmm. The other problem is the price. $12.95  a pop. But look!

copyright Disney


You will be mine, tiny little mouse ear hat.

You will be mine.

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