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Mickey’s Halloween Party

Monday night we had a blast at Mickey’s Halloween Party. What is Mickey’s Halloween Party? Glad you asked! MHP is a separate event from a regular day at Disneyland. It’s in the evening from either 6-11 or 7-midnight and requires a separate admission ticket. It’s kind of a bummer to buy an extra ticket when you’re used to just getting in with your annual pass, but it’s pretty awesome if you don’t have an annual pass because you can enter the park 3 hours early which means that you get 8 hours at the park for the price of the MHP ticket, which is discounted depending on day. The annual pass discounted price for Monday was $44, so given that a regular single park single day ticket is $80, that’s a significant savings. That savings allowed us to share the park with my mom and dad. They’ve been wanting to visit with us, but it’s a hefty investment, especially when Theo is too little to really make it through a whole day.

I realize I haven’t told you what it is though. Gimme a sec. I’ll throw in a picture.

Oh em gee, is that mouse ears and a tux jacket???

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a private, after-hours event at the park. What makes it different? Well for one, everyone including adults can wear costumes. They also have trick or treating with lots of trick or treat trails (treat stations) all over the park.

Bin O'Candy

There were a huge number of those. They had regular candy and some healthy treats like raisins, craisins, carrot sticks, apple slices that turned out to be as addictive to Theo as churros are to me, and stuff like these:

Isn't this cute?

Freeze-dried apple chips.

Tuxedo Mickey Mouse, also known as Theo, wasted no time in insisting on sitting down and enjoying his first treat.

Grandma and Grandpa got him started on M&Ms. Mommy would have gotten him started on raisins.

Fortunately, Theo is very generous when he wants to be.

"Jelly bean, Grandma?" Actually it's an M&M

Oh, and a special moment when we were first walking through the park, Theo’s got his costume on and a cast member walking by said, “Oh! It’s the boss!” Very fun.

I decided that Mickey needed some appropriate chaperones. A friend suggested we go as old-school Mouseketeers, so we did!

This is not a very good picture of us

Anyway, you get the idea. I took black felt and cut out our titles, then ironed-on Kevin’s, which held decently until the end of the night when his Y started falling off and Theo kept repeating “Uh oh! Fix Daddy Y!” I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to iron on the letters on my uber-stretchy shirt, so I sewed them on. Seriously, making our costumes took three times longer than assembling Theo’s. Because my  mother-in-law made the mouse ears hood.

So they also had characters out wearing their Halloween costumes. We went to visit Pooh and Rabbit.

Hugs for Pooh! Rabbit too!

We waited in line for Mickey and Minnie too, but that took forever. Kevin and I waited in the line while Theo, Grandma and Grandpa went to the trick or treating station at Big Thunder Ranch and when they returned, we’d moved like 2 feet. About 10 minutes into it, we had a good 10 minutes left, and then the cast member said that Mickey and Minnie were taking a quick break and would be back in a minute. They weren’t. 5 minutes later we decided to ditch the whole idea and do something else.

That something else was Theo’s now-favorite ride, Dumbo!

The trouble with Dumbo is that the wait is always so long. Because they load and then ride, the line only moves in chunks, and that’s hard for a little guy who has a hard time waiting. The cool thing about the Halloween Party is that the crowds were reduced, so we only waited about 10-15 minutes for Dumbo.

Theo wanted to ride with Grandma.

He was very concerned about the seat belt

The Mousketeers decided to share an elephant as well.

Hey! Great costumes!

Sometimes it can be so hard to get a kid to smile.

But he's cute anyway

After Dumbo we walked right over and caught the special Halloween parade, which is something exclusive to the Halloween Party and was really awesome. I’ve got a bunch of pictures of that so I’ll make that a second entry.

Following the parade we hit another one of Theo’s favorites, the tea cups. The two out of four adults who don’t get sick on the ride accompanied him. That left me and Dad on the sidelines.

I love this picture

Theo really likes to turn the cup.

A lot of effort for a little guy

We’re not sure what Grandma is doing in this picture

Don't you hate catching those awkward moments? And then someone goes and puts it on their blog? I hate that.

We wanted to go on another one of Theo’s favorites, It’s A Small World, but it was closed for the party (as was Toon Town). Most of the rides were open for the party though (the train was another that was closed). So we headed back to Tomorrowland for yet another one of Theo’s favorites–Autopia! Finally, Theo got to ride with Grandpa. And seriously, Autopia is one of the hardest rides to photograph, especially if your driver is short.

Theo and Grandpa!

There were fireworks after that–another Halloween Party exclusive. I’ll talk a bit about that in the next entry too. Then after the fireworks, mom, dad, and I headed to Star Tours which I promised wouldn’t make them sick and then my dad came out in a cold sweat but claimed to still have a good time. Kevin and Theo went on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (wait for it…wait for it…another one of Theo’s favorites) and then the Astro Orbitors. After that the three of us were tapped out so I made my parents PROMISE me they would go on the Haunted Mansion and Kevin and I headed home.

And once we got to the car I realized I’d lost my car keys. Fortunately when I went back the next day, they’s found them (on Star Tours!) and I got them back. What a relief!

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