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Musical Chairs with the Mad Hatter (and Giveaway!)

Yep, time for the second Fantasmic! popcorn bucket giveaway! Details below…

Today we’re going to chat about playing musical chairs with the Mad Hatter. I had heard of this but had never actually witnessed it myself until one day when I was enjoying the amazing hot angus beef sandwich at the Jolly Holiday Bakery (highly recommend) and I glanced over into the Coke Corner (also known as The Restaurant That Can’t Decide What It Wants To Be Called) to see Alice and the Mad Hatter come over and start arranging chairs in a circle.

This happened at about 2:30, by the way.

Participants: Alice, Mad Hatter, Piano Player, Children, and Chairs

My understanding is that Alice is not always present at this event.

The Mad Hatter selected children from the surrounding tables to play, and went into a lengthy speech that made little sense

In the way that speeches by the Mad Hatter never make sense

Thankfully, Alice was there to translate. Musical chairs then commenced, but the Mad Hatter couldn’t abide by a regular old game of musical chairs.

Oh no, he could not.

The children had to do a number of things while circling the chairs.

First they merely had to skip.

Pretty straightforward

But then, they had to pretend to be pirates with a peg leg, and hop on one foot, cover one eye with a hand to simulate an eye patch, and make the other hand into a hook.

Easier said than done

The Mad Hatter enjoyed waxing rhapsodically, but Alice did not approve.

Blah Blah Blah…

Get. To. The. Point.

A pair of sisters were responsible for the first “cheek check.”

Mine! No, mine! No, mine! No, mine!

The Cheek Check involved the pair having a dance-off.

This little girl spun in circles and also did an impressive cartwheel

This little girl did a seriously awesome Running Man.

The game continued until, predictably, there were only two children left.

And ZOMG only one chair!!!

The pianist struck up a tune and Alice led the finalists around the courtyard, through the quick service window, and basically around a lot of stuff while the Mad Hatter added a bunch of chairs to the stack.


The finalists were understandably confused about where they should sit when the music stopped. However, the Mad Hatter declared them both winners.

And the prize?

They got to put the chairs away. HA!

The musical chairs performance was such a fabulously fun performance, I highly recommend anyone hanging out near the Coke Corner at around 2 or 2:30 to see if you can catch it!

And oh yeah, the giveaway? Popcorn bucket number 2!!! Pictures are over on this entry right here. Enter by leaving a comment HERE saying…oh, I don’t care what you say. Just leave a comment, okay? 😉

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