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One More Disney Day–Shelly and Jamie, Leslie and Ashley

This was my favorite couple from last night. Shelly and Jamie are here all the way from New Jersey celebrating Shelly’s Leap Day birthday at Disneyland! This is the first trip to our fair park and I think they’re going to have a great time.

And more from last night–Leslie and Ashley left Utah at 4:30am to spend one more Disney day!

One More Disney Day–The Diehard Interviews!

You know how I’m always sort of complaining about my…creative photography skills? Well it turns out that my nighttime videography skills are also lacking!

Woo hoo!

Blame the low-budget operation here. I just headed out with my video camera to meet a bunch of people and have a good time.

My camera has two settings (well, more than that, but only two that seemed to be useful at the time). One is the regular setting, which resulted in a rather dark picture, and the other is the nighttime setting, which is apparently supposed to be used on a tripod with completely immobile subjects, because you can hear the person talking but it’s like a bad bad BAD Skype session. Like the Skype session from hell, basically. Heh.

Anyway, over at the front of the line, meet Jeff! (this is the nighttime setting–sorry, Jeff)


And here’s Robert, with the regular camera setting (sorry, Robert)


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