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Shelby’s 10 Worst Christmas Songs: #10

Yep, I’m veering off-track a little from the Disney thing, mostly because we haven’t renewed our passes yet and I have nothing more to post about until I go back (hopefully Sunday, so a Monday post). In the meantime, I am going to entertain you with my opinions about holiday music.

I am a Christmas fanatic, for starters. And I have a HUGE Christmas Music collection, but let’s face it–there are some real duds out there, many of which constantly get played on the radio. And I, Shelby, am here to decry each and every one of them.

I’m going from least worst to most worst.

#10. Madonna’s Version of Santa Baby

This one still gets continual radio play, and a little part of me dies inside every time I hear it. Now let me first point out that the original singer, Eartha Kitt, does an amazing version. Like, the first version. You know, the good one.

The song itself is a woman listing all of the things she wants from Santa (diamonds, furs, etc.). It’s supposed to be sung in a sophisticated, flirtatious way, which is exactly what Kitt does. Here’s her version:

See? Isn’t that nice?

Unfortunately, the world should have left the song alone after Kitt recorded it. And this did not happen.

Back in 1987, a bunch of popular stars got together and recorded a charity Christmas album, which my brother happened to get as a gift. I think. Or maybe he bought it. I can’t remember. Anyway, my one big memory of this album was Madonna’s version of Santa Baby.

And that’s not a good memory.

Here’s Madonna’s version:

Rather than singing Santa Baby, Madonna sounds like a baby. And that’s not attractive. Not attractive at all. The baby talk just feels, like, creepy. And that’s not the kind of feeling I want from my Christmas music.

Plus changing the line from  “A ’54 convertible” regarding a car, to “An outer-space convertible” is just beyond ridiculous. I mean really? Outer space? Because seriously, a ’54 convertible in mint condition in 1987 would have been a lot more valuable than in 1955 when the song was originally recorded anyway. No need to be really lame like that.

Madonna should have left well enough alone. Instead she gets to be #10 on my worst Christmas songs list.

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