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Another Place to get Corndogs

I love corndogs–don’t you? Is it Corn Dog or Corndog? Or just called delicious? One of my favorite foods at Disneyland is the hand-dipped corndogs, usually obtained at the corndog cart at the end of Main Street on the hub.

There is one other place to get the same hand-dipped corndogs though. And I always forget about it.

The Stage Door Cafe?

Yep, right there in Frontierland next to the Golden Horseshoe is a little quick service window tucked away in the corner.

Identifiable by its distinctive sign

The menu is right there on the door, and as you can see, no wait.

Featuring corndogs and some other things that aren't corndogs

The best part is this:


Yep, unlike the Main Street corndog stand, the Stage Door Cafe actually has seating! Why do I always forget about this place when I cannot resist the siren call of the corndog? I have no idea.


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