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The Plaza Pavilion, Or The Single Most Wasted Space In The Entire Park

Today I’m going to talk to you about the Plaza Pavilion, which is the single most wasted space in the entire park. Now let’s face it–Disneyland does a pretty good job with its space. Sure, there are some major bottleneck areas (I’m looking at you, Adventureland throughway) and some not-so-well-planned viewing arrangements (like they showed Fantasmic for like 15 years before they realized it would be a good idea to come up with some kind of seating plan instead of a free-for-all wherever you were standing), but for the most part the space is well-used. Particularly given the amount of magic they cram into a property that is literally in the middle of a city.

However, there is one sad building whose beautiful potential is completely wasted on its current purpose, and that is the Plaza Pavilion.

What a lovely building!

And what is its current purpose?

Annual Passport Processing? Really?

Yep, they’ve got this beautiful building in a fabulous location, right at the end of Main Street overlooking the hub, and all they do there is process annual passes.

To get a better idea of the complete waste of space, look to your right.

It's a great big bunch of...nothing

Or look to your left.

More nothing

Doesn’t it look like the Plaza Pavilion would be a great restaurant? It was. Well, I don’t know if it was great, but it was a restaurant. A buffeteria, to be exact. Doesn’t the word buffeteria just SCREAM 1950s to you? They were so fond of mashups back then. The word buffeteria also reminds me of the word “cafetorium,” which was something we had in my middle school and high school and translates to “we’re too cheap to build a cafeteria and an auditorium so we’re just going to make it one building and create a cute word for it.”

I was always jealous of schools that had separate auditoriums.

Anyway, outside of the Plaza Pavilion you have the one and only inside-the-park booth for the Disney Vacation Club.

Uh-oh, a couple of people got roped in there

Now this is one major advantage Disneyland has over the Mouse-in-law: Disneyland only has one DVC booth in the entire park.(UPDATE: Reader correction–there are two! The other one is in Tomorrowland and apparently completely ignorable since I forgot about it )At the Mouse-in-law, there’s a DVC booth just about every 3 feet. I mean, in the entire resort there’s like one DVC booth for every 8 guests or something. And its little catchphrase is “Disney’s Best Kept Secret.” Which honestly, it’s not a secret if you can’t even walk a straight line without hitting a DVC booth.

Stay tuned to this blog and I will tell you about Disneyland’s REAL best-kept secret. Later.

Anyway, the DVC is a time share that you buy into where you can then go and stay at Disney properties. It’s a lot more popular in Florida than it is here. So if you want the DVC sales pitch, there is where you can get it inside of Disneyland.

They wouldn’t let me go inside the annual pass processing center, since I wasn’t buying or renewing an annual pass, but here’s a picture of the doorway.


And over on the side there’s some seating for The Restaurant That Can’t Decide What It Wants To Be Called.

It's a nice place to sit

There have been a lot of rumors over the years as to what exactly Disneyland intends to do with the Plaza Pavilion. A rumor that sounds credible to me is that they are going to put annual pass processing over in CA Adventure (which I think is wise) and turn the Plaza Pavilion back into some kind of food-oriented venue. I heard speculation that it would be like a Mary Poppins-themed bakery, which I think would be really fun. But who knows.

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