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Wishing Well Contest

True confession time…

So I posted that there are two wishing wells at Disneyland and lots o’ people asked me where the other one is, and since I happen to already have a picture of it I thought I would be all clever and sneaky and post a picture of a part of it, and then pick a winner from the correct comments ON THE BLOG (not on Facebook!) to win my little contest.

Okay, the confession part is that I wasn’t actually going to give out a prize, like I was just going to write in tiny letters that the “prize” was my love and admiration for a period not shorter than 24 hours, actual retail value (ARV) $0.00, your mileage may vary, and so on.

BUT! BUT! Then I won a Disneyland prize myself!

That’s right! I won a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The exclamation points are because I rarely, if ever win prizes. Now my grandmother, on the other hand, is just one of those lucky people. She can buy one raffle ticket and be the winner. If you walk into a room with a door prize, she’s leaving with it. But I, on the other hand, am not one of those lucky people.

So I was feeling all Scrooge McDuckish about not actually giving a prize, but once I won something myself, I dove into my money bin. Or something. Did you know that Scrooge McDuck’s German name is Onkel Dagobert? Which translates to “Uncle Dagobert.” Just your German Disney trivia of the day*.

The prize I won was a sweepstakes to preview the new Star Tours before it opens to the public. I was all in Cloud City and stuff until I realized that I wouldn’t be able to go because it’s the morning after I’m having some minor surgery. Naturally I immediately called to reschedule the surgery, but neither the hospital nor the doctor seemed inclined to consider my case a “last minute change of circumstance.”

I’m kidding. I didn’t try to reschedule. But I thought about it.

ANYway, here’s my contest to¬† you. This is part of the second wishing well at Disneyland. Leave a comment here with your guess of the name and location of this wishing well, and I’ll pick from among the winners and send you a pair of mouse ears!

Yeah, sorry it’s tiny. I’m not real great with pictures, so you’re going to have to squint or something. COMPLAINERS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED!!!

Go ahead and leave your guesses. I’ll check back in on Sunday night, because right now Kevin and I are taking our very first baby-free vacation in VEGAS, BABY!

*if you’d like to make my husband and my German friend Melinda very happy, you can identify the translator who named Dagobert Duck.

See ya on Sunday!

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