Santa’s Reindeer Roundup

Now that you’re in the holiday spirit…

Oh wait, what? You’re not? It’s January? Well, whatever. I’m still catching up on holiday posts.

Santa’s Reindeer Roundup is located in the Big Thunder Ranch area, and I posted a little bit about it before but I’m adding it now because we actually took Theo back there.


I have NO idea what that kid is doing


Outside of the trail there’s a sleigh that many people take pictures on and often some characters appear back there. It was closed when we were there.


It's actually a really beautiful sleigh


Anyway, back to the reindeer. The reindeer roundup is sponsored by Brawny paper towels.

Because when you’re cleaning up after a reindeer, you really don’t want to use bargain paper towels.


Brawny is not "the quicker picker-upper" however, so reindeer cleanup might be slow


There are real reindeer in the reindeer area!


The signs tell you who's in the pen


Theo loved them. He really wanted to pet them, but in the end was content to just wave at them.




I tried to get cute pictures of the reindeer, but they all turned out like this one.


Reindeer butts!


Ah well, the one facing the camera is cute.

I do have to say, I love the classic, woodsy, traditional feel of this place and its theming, so it was a little disappointing to see a barrier of cheesy cartoonish reindeer.


This is what I mean


But you can’t have everything.

Also back in this area is Santa’s house!


Santa lives in a rustic log cabin! In Disneyland!


The cool thing is that Santa is actually there during the day!

The bummer is that we weren’t there during the day, and Santa had already gone home–the North Pole home, I heard a cast member telling another child–for the night.

So I took a picture through the window.


Insert Santa here


I should Photoshop him in. Nobody would ever know.

Anyway, I fully intended to get a Theo-Santa picture back here, but it never happened. Luckily, there’s next year!!


3 responses to “Santa’s Reindeer Roundup

  1. Patti Summers January 23, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    I always liked the Turkeys that were there that were pardoned by The President.

  2. Amber January 23, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    Santa wasn’t there when we visited either. Goofy dressed as Santa was there though.

  3. BruinKristin January 23, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    We went a couple of weeks ago (post Christmas) and Santa AND Mrs Claus were there! It was evening too, but they were getting ready to head in for the night. The kids got a kick out of going inside Santa’s house. It was super cute in there. Mrs. Claus asked the kids what Santa brought them for Christmas. I’m glad Santa didn’t ask because they probably would have asked why he didn’t know. I also made them say thank you to Santa for the presents they got from him. Kinda weird/awkward seeing Santa AFTER Christmas! LOL

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