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Santa’s Reindeer Roundup

Now that you’re in the holiday spirit…

Oh wait, what? You’re not? It’s January? Well, whatever. I’m still catching up on holiday posts.

Santa’s Reindeer Roundup is located in the Big Thunder Ranch area, and I posted a little bit about it before but I’m adding it now because we actually took Theo back there.


I have NO idea what that kid is doing


Outside of the trail there’s a sleigh that many people take pictures on and often some characters appear back there. It was closed when we were there.


It's actually a really beautiful sleigh


Anyway, back to the reindeer. The reindeer roundup is sponsored by Brawny paper towels.

Because when you’re cleaning up after a reindeer, you really don’t want to use bargain paper towels.


Brawny is not "the quicker picker-upper" however, so reindeer cleanup might be slow


There are real reindeer in the reindeer area!


The signs tell you who's in the pen


Theo loved them. He really wanted to pet them, but in the end was content to just wave at them.




I tried to get cute pictures of the reindeer, but they all turned out like this one.


Reindeer butts!


Ah well, the one facing the camera is cute.

I do have to say, I love the classic, woodsy, traditional feel of this place and its theming, so it was a little disappointing to see a barrier of cheesy cartoonish reindeer.


This is what I mean


But you can’t have everything.

Also back in this area is Santa’s house!


Santa lives in a rustic log cabin! In Disneyland!


The cool thing is that Santa is actually there during the day!

The bummer is that we weren’t there during the day, and Santa had already gone home–the North Pole home, I heard a cast member telling another child–for the night.

So I took a picture through the window.


Insert Santa here


I should Photoshop him in. Nobody would ever know.

Anyway, I fully intended to get a Theo-Santa picture back here, but it never happened. Luckily, there’s next year!!


Big Thunder BBQ: Santa’s Reindeer Round-Up

I have eaten a large portion of the gingerbread man my son decorated at preschool. Does that make me a bad person? Please say no. In my defense, he didn’t even finish the first piece of it he got and clearly did not like it. So that makes it okay. Right?

Way at the back of the park in Frontierland is the Big Thunder BBQ. It’s a rather expensive eating spot with all-you-care-to-eat ribs and BBQ chicken. I’ve never eaten there, but I’ve heard it’s good.

But during the various holiday season it transforms.

Cool sign

Back in the day when I worked at Downtown Disney and was considered a cast member, we got to attend the cast member Christmas party, and at said party, this area hosted a cookie decorating station.

See, it all comes back around. I bet you were wondering what my eating Theo’s cookie had to do with Disneyland, so there ya go.

There are extensive decorations.

It's a wagon and stuff

My mother-in-law makes quilts. Hers are kickass.

Apropos of nothing, I just looked up a recipe for figgy pudding. No thanks.

Anyway, Big Thunder Ranch BBQ also has a small stage which hosts a lot of fun little acts.

Country Christmas Round-Up

Closer shot of the stage and performers

Like most Disney performances, the Reindeer Round-Up is participatory to children brave enough to climb on stage. This time they were learning how to sing “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

Up on the rooftop, reindeer paws

There’s a pianist accompanying the whole thing

He also sings. He's multi-talented!

The kids are then left to perform by themselves, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Some of these brave kids were younger than Theo!

Disney doesn’t forget any detail

I love this

The dude with the guitar also performs

Dude with the guitar

And the seating area is also decorated

It actually looks better than in this picture

And then your crucial piece of information–the bathroom

It's even Frontierland themed!

I mention this because this bathroom received The Happiest Potties On Earth’s highest rating. The only other potties to achieve this rating are the ones in Club 33!

You will definitely want to pee here

Along with the general entertainment, awesome bathroom, and atmosphere, there’s animals!

Reindeer paraphernalia

Reindeer! Presumably flightless.

Santa also hides back here, but I’m going to bring Theo to see him, so you’ll just have to wait for the pictures ;).



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