L’Ornament Magique

Let’s hang out in New Orleans Square for a while, okay? There’s so much to see in there, and to be completely honest I’ve most often just blown through there on my way out of Pirates of the Caribbean (which, by the way, they renovated to widen the exit–badly needed!). Anyway, for those who love to stop and pay attention–smell the artificial roses, as it were–New Orleans Square is the place for you.

And among the shops in New Orleans Square is

*Blurry people not included

L’Ornament Magique sells, shockingly, ornaments.

I know–I didn’t see it coming either.

It's a princess tree!

Now I have to say, Disneyland was a little disappointing on the ornament front this past year. We’ve got a few Disney ornaments but didn’t buy a Disneyland one because we couldn’t really find one that struck us as THE ornament.

Plus we got one from the Mouse-in-Law AND from the cruise, so you know, it’s not like we were hurting for mouse ears or anything.

For a while they had these princess ornaments that were just the princess dresses. Like all pink and blue and yellow, etc. just the dresses. Which was not inherently a bad idea, but the execution was, well, it looked like an execution. You sort of had these disembodied dresses hanging around that were frankly quite creepy. You almost expected another tree of severed princess heads.


Oh, back to the shop!

It’s small.

The picture up there is one side,

And this is the other

Like the rest of Disneyland, the details are fully realized. Looking up:

I'll have a blue Christmas without Disneyland ornaments

And I’ll be honest here, the ornament shop is not my favorite. It’s tiny and the displays are a bit overwhelming. But if you’re looking for an ornament year-round–well…

2 responses to “L’Ornament Magique

  1. Kristin Meador February 19, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    I just heard that this shop will be closing on Sunday, Feb 26. Sad, we always make a stop there each visit!

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