Off the Page

I have to say, my favorite store at the Mouse-Next-Door is Off the Page.

This is all lit up blue and stuff because ElecTRONica had started


I mean, a whole store dedicated to Disney art? Awesome.

First off, they still have the Mary Blair merch that I was afraid went away with the Mary Blair exhibit at the Gallery.

But here's my thing--why do they make these t-shirts so dang small??? It's like an XL is equivalent to a S in normal stores.


I’m still thinking of the teapot and a mug. What do you think? I mean, we don’t drink coffee or tea, really, but who doesn’t want a “Guten Tag” mug?

Okay, probably a lot of people, but I’m not one of them.

There’s great art on the ceiling. Characters are depicted as falling off the page. However, it does make for a rather weird picture. I mean this one looks like Aladdin is throwing himself to the floor or something.

And nobody wants that


Have I mentioned how darned excited I am about Cars Land? I mean in the last three seconds? I can’t wait to share it with you all! Here’s some Cars Land art.

Mater and train? Pretty much Theo's idea of awesome.


What I really love are the attraction posters. When an attraction opens, an official poster is made.

Like this


In fact, we have  a Matterhorn ride poster in the hallway (full-sized), and a smaller framed copy of the Dumbo poster in Theo’s room. I just love these. And the cool thing is that you can order ride posters and a number of other works of Disney art right from print on demand.

Just find it right here in the computer and order it!


True Disneyland fans have ride posters all over their houses. Just sayin’.

There’s a cool set of tin signs for the Disneyland railroad. I’m considering getting these for a special someone who loves trains.

Kind of blew the surprise there, though.

Still, they are cool


And art by my favorite Disney artists, Jody Daily and Kevin Kidney

I'm totally in love with all the retro styling


There’s also the Wall O’ Art, with moving panels, to show you the cool stuff you can get.

Gorgeous pictures here


And my favorite part–that actual Real Live Artist!

I think it's so cool to see artists at work. You can sometimes catch them at the watch shop and the Disney Gallery at Disneyland.


You can buy your very own sketch.

One or more characters


And not that I’m trolling for gifts or anything, but if you were planning on getting me a present and just didn’t know what the perfect one might be, I could point you to this page

I do love Alice


So if you’re over in CA Adventure, take a look at Off the Page. It’s a great shop!

One response to “Off the Page

  1. Kelly G. March 30, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Wait, this is where you go for Mary Blair art? I have got to start spending more time at California Adventure.

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