Clarabelle’s Ice Cream

You know what’s awesome? Ice cream. I mean, I’m not a huge huge ice cream person but sometimes you just gotta have one, and sometimes that sometimes happens in Disneyland.

Buena Vista Street has an amazing ice cream offering for you–Clarabelles.

And beautiful stained glass over the doorway too.

Clarabelle’s is part of the larger Elysian Arcade on the West side of Buena Vista Street. It’s got a nice little rest spot outside.

I love that they planted fully-grown trees here

Look! Here’s another doorway you can use!

And some random guy!

The line is all nice and orderly.

A bit better organized than the Gibson Girl parlor

Here’s a great sign

Even the type makes me think of ice cream

The menu is diverse but basically what you’d expect from an ice cream parlor.

Lots of YUM here!

And one thing I particularly love–hand-dipped ice cream bars! You can get a variety of topping, but I went with the traditional sprinkles.

So good!

So when you’re at CA Adventure and it gets really hot–just remember Clarabelle’s!



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