Mad T Party (part 1)

Over in Hollywood, or the Disney California Adventure version of Hollywood, there’s a dance extravaganza called the Mad T Party. Prior to the Mad T Party, the extravaganza was ElecTRONica, based on the movie Tron, of course. However, ElecTRONica got a little tired, so now it’s a really whacked out version of Alice in Wonderland, if Alice in Wonderland were some kind of Disney-based dance party thing.

The entrance

It’s all like glowy and flashy and very, very NEON.

The White Rabbit’s stop watch, I presume.

That screen changes

Mad T, man!

Headwear is encouraged.

They don’t REALLY mean no service though

You walk through a cool misty thing, which is literally cool, as in kind of cold.

Did I mention the neon?

And that puts you right into the mood for the stage!

It’s very large. And pink.

There are two bars, one of which is called (appropriately) Drink Me.

All shiny and stuff

The detailing is fantastic.

It’s hard to tell where things start and end, which I suppose is the point.

They do serve alcohol.

Walt’s probably rolling over in his grave

You can sit and watch the band in an oversized plastic chair in front of a decorative screen that used to be a show in ElecTRONica. I personally like the Mad T stage better.

I’m not really sure these chairs are comfortable

And the stage and band, of course, are a highlight. It’s Alice and all of her friends, except dressed in funky neon rocker clothes.

Giant lanterns above the stage

Mad Hatter

Cheshire Cat


They play a bunch of covers from the last few decades, which is lots of fun. No Disney music here. Feel free to dance along!


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