Cars Land After Dark

One of the coolest things about Cars Land is the way it looks after dark. Which makes sense, because in the movie they make this huge deal of sprucing up all the neon and such.

Why do neon signs make that buzzing noise as they light up? Not a trivia question–I want to know.

Postcard perfect

I knew from my original Cars Land post that Cars Land at night was going to be spectacular. I was so excited to see it all lit up.

Flo’s and Ramone’s

The neon really makes you feel like you’re living the movie.

Of course, there’s my favorite Cars Land eatery area:

I mean seriously, this sign alone is awesomeness

Here’s some more:

Even shots from an angle are awesome

Luigi’s looks particularly cool after dark, although I didn’t ride the ride itself this visit.

Cars Land is not to be missed day OR night.

2 responses to “Cars Land After Dark

  1. Traci August 1, 2012 at 9:42 am

    Great nighttime pics of Carsland.

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