Top 10 Reasons Why Non-Disneyland Fans Should Read My Year With The Mouse

I know you know these people–their eyes kind of glaze over when you start talking about how much you love Disneyland, and when you mention the most awesome Disneyland blog in existence they think (or even SAY! *gasp*) “why should I read a Disneyland blog when I don’t even particularly like Disney?”

Well, my friends, here’s 10 good reasons why:

10. To better understand the Disney lover in your life

Let’s face it–people can be a mystery sometimes. For the non-Disneyland lover, having a spouse/significant other/family member/friend who loves Disneyland can be downright baffling. Well, MYWTM can help you bridge that gap by allowing a glimpse into their Mickey Mouse-obsessed psyche.

9. Chicks dig Disney lovers

Yep guys (and girls)–it’s true. Chicks love guys (and girls) who love Disneyland. It really shows off your sensitive side.

8. Makes for great small talk at parties

Are you a wallflower who ends up huddled by the drink table all by yourself like a really awkward high schooler in a John Hughes movie at parties thrown by your supposed friends who end up ignoring you? Or have you been the sympathy invite to someone else’s holiday party because you had nowhere else to go and spending Thanksgiving with a bunch of strangers is slightly better than spending it with your cell mate? Well my introverted friends, take a few minutes to browse MYWTM and discover sure-fire conversation starters like “Wow, have you seen the ads for Cars Land? Luigi’s Flying Tires are like riding on a human air hockey table!” or “Hey, did you know that Walt had an apartment inside of Disneyland? That’s right–it’s above the fire house!” or “I didn’t realize it before I read this really cool blog, but Pincchio’s Daring Journey is actually a pretty terrifying ride.”

7. Mediocre photography

If you’re any kind of photography enthusiast or know anything about cameras, reading MYWTM will leave you with the smug satisfaction of knowing that in all likelihood, you’re a better photographer than I am.

For example…

6. My Year With The Mouse is not going to get you in trouble at work.

MYWTM is safe for work and family-friendly! If you get fired after reading MYWTM, it’s probably because of your overall internet usage and not the content of this site.

5. Learn some great pick-up lines

Like “Hey baby, I’d love to hold your hand as we watch fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s castle,” or “Hey baby, no one in the Princess Fantasy Faire holds a candle to your beauty” or “Hey baby, I’d love to make a wish at Snow White’s grotto with you.” On second thought, leave out the “Hey baby.” It’s kind of smarmy.

4. My Year With The Mouse is cheaper than a drug habit.

Reading MYWTM doesn’t cost you a penny, and you really can quit anytime.

3. One day you might be dragged to Disneyland (possibly against your will)

I know many people swear that they will never step foot in a Disney park, but then along comes children or nieces and nephews or Disney-fanatic in-laws offering you a “free vacation” that isn’t entirely optional, so if/when this happens to you, reading MYWTM will prepare you for what you can reasonably expect to find.

2. You might accidentally like Disneyland and find yourself with an unsettling desire to plan your own trip

I realize this might be a liability rather than a true reason to follow this blog, but keep an open mind, okay?

1. I’m funny

At least I try to be. And I’m modest too!

So please, be my guest and take a look around the site, or encourage your non-Disney loving friends/family to do so as well. And if you do end up liking it, be sure to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @myyearwithmouse!

4 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why Non-Disneyland Fans Should Read My Year With The Mouse

  1. LisaCat August 10, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    I’d like to argue point number 4. According to my husband, my Disney habit is, indeed, quite pricey and reading Disney blogs makes me want to go back that much sooner! LOL

    • Shelby August 10, 2012 at 11:38 pm

      Ah, well, in defense of #4, I’m sure MYWTM and its accompanying Disney obsession can get quite pricey, I’ve heard that a good drug habit can cost even more. I mean, I’ve never had a drug habit so I can’t really judge, but apparently some street drugs get right up there in price ;).

  2. RedRosie August 12, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    You are funny, Shelby! And a great writer. I’m looking forward to buying your published work. 🙂

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