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Clarabelle’s Ice Cream

You know what’s awesome? Ice cream. I mean, I’m not a huge huge ice cream person but sometimes you just gotta have one, and sometimes that sometimes happens in Disneyland.

Buena Vista Street has an amazing ice cream offering for you–Clarabelles.

And beautiful stained glass over the doorway too.

Clarabelle’s is part of the larger Elysian Arcade on the West side of Buena Vista Street. It’s got a nice little rest spot outside.

I love that they planted fully-grown trees here

Look! Here’s another doorway you can use!

And some random guy!

The line is all nice and orderly.

A bit better organized than the Gibson Girl parlor

Here’s a great sign

Even the type makes me think of ice cream

The menu is diverse but basically what you’d expect from an ice cream parlor.

Lots of YUM here!

And one thing I particularly love–hand-dipped ice cream bars! You can get a variety of topping, but I went with the traditional sprinkles.

So good!

So when you’re at CA Adventure and it gets really hot–just remember Clarabelle’s!



Disney Pillow Pets and Big Top Toys

I get quite a few blog hits for Disney Pillow Pets, so I thought I’d add some more to the stash. These Pillow Pets you can get inside Disneyland:

Minnie and Pluto

Tigger, Eeyore, and Dumbo

I actually really like Dumbo. He’s so cute!

Elephants fly!

From Toy Story, Woody’s horse Bullseye, and Lotso, although I don’t know why you’d want a Lotso, since he was kind of the bad guy in the movie

Simba and Stitch

How much will these bad boys cost you?

This much

There’s also a Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, but they were out of stock when I took that particular picture. You can find these guys in the Big Top store on Buena Vista Street.

Over on the East side

Here’s a wider view of the store.

And pillow pets. This is what happens when you take pictures at different times.

There’s also a wide selection of Perry and Agent P merchandise. If you’re not watching Phineas and Ferb, you should be!

And other toys too

And when you’re all done, here’s where you’ll check out!

With a circus big top in the back!

World Of Color Glow With The Show!

I had the awesome opportunity to attend an Annual Passholder showing of World of Color with free Glow With the Show mouse ears! The GWTS ears light up and interact with the show. This showing was all annual passholders so all of us had our ears on. Disney was filming it at the same time. Here’s my video of the whole show! You can kind of tell when my arms started getting tired–what can I say, I’m short and I had to hold the camera above my head.

It starts out of focus but comes into focus at 0:12


Los Feliz Five and Dime

Ah, Buena Vista Street. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. Los Feliz Five and Dime.


Just like Main Street is a shopping street, so is Buena Vista Street. But unlike Main Street, Buena Vista Street’s stores are all interconnected throughout the whole street. On the East side, you start with Los Feliz Five and Dime.

Even the exterior is awesome, including small murals like this:

That’s very Los Angeles-y

Love those little outfits.

Anyway, Los Feliz Five and Dime is your go-to hat store on Buena Vista Street.

I love the open-beamed ceilings

There you will find your hat writing machines, for all of your hat writing needs.

And cute hats on display

Los Feliz Five and Dime is also your destination for Red Car Trolley merchandise.



Picture frames

I know, I’m REALLY into the trolley, okay? Theo is going to LOVE it. I’m sure he would also LOVE this:

Remote control Red Car Trolley, whaaaaattt???

Actually I think Kevin might like that as much as Theo would. Theo recently got a remote controlled Lightning McQueen for his half-birthday that he loves. Mostly I think he just gets a kick out of driving it under furniture and then reversing it to drive back out again. Although he is getting relatively adept at turning.

Well, he was, until we had to take it away because he wasn’t doing something he was supposed to do (I can’t remember what, but he had a choice–do it or lose Lightning McQueen). I think I’ll be nice and give Lightning McQueen back tomorrow.

ANYway, I also love that Buena Vista Street honors Disney history. We’re so used to the modern Mickey, it’s really fun to see a plush version of the original Mickey.

In a conductor costume!

I feel like I might need to own that.

And when you’re in ANY Disney store, don’t forget to LOOK UP!

Tin toys!


You guys are going to love Buena Vista Street when you get a chance to see it!

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