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D23 Expo

My psychic side is telling me that you’re saying one of three things:

  1. Oh, cool!
  2. I’m there right now!
  3. Wut?

So for you #3 people, D23 is The Official Disney Fan Club, and D23 Expo is The Ultimate Disney Fan Event! Over at the Convention Center, it’s like 60 billion miles* of Disney Disney Disney! The schedule is packed with everything from Parks and Resorts to Disney Entertainment to surprise celebrities and lots of fun stuff in between. And I’m going!

It’s actually a 3-day event starting today, but I just couldn’t swing all 3 days, so I’m going on Saturday. I’m really excited about some of the Imagineering sessions–will I find the magic there??? Probably part of it! Watch this spot for a full report. Or a partial report, whichever I get a chance to do. And be sure to Friend MYWTM on Facebook because I’ll be doing some live mini-blogging over there too!

And if you’re there, look for me! I’ll be wearing a white t-shirt with a familiar logo ;).

*rough estimate

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