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D23: The People

Final D23 post! Don’t forget to enter the Bag O’Swag giveaway if you haven’t already! Tell your friends!

Since I only spent the one day at D23, this post is going to wrap it all up, and I want to talk about the people. I have to say, Disney fans are some of the funnest, most approachable, easiest people to talk to. I mean, I think that’s a bit of a no-brainer, given that the one thing we all have in common is a love of an animated mouse, but still. D23 was all about waiting in lines, but I had no problems striking up a conversation with people around me. Particularly these two lovely ladies:

If you guys are reading this, you BETTER leave me a comment!!

There’s a lot of bonding you can do when you’re waiting in line for 3 hours together. This is Sharon and Gina and they are true Disney fanatics and tons of fun.

Also fun are the people who dress up! I actually expected more, but there were some great costumes out there. My favorite was:

Are these walls actually stretching?

Haunted Mansion. Awesome.

And this is Ashley–she made her own costume.

Buy a Bride!

It was a gorgeous costume. She must have taken a lot of pictures on Pirates to get the details so perfectly.

Over in the Bag O’Swag, you get cards for the t-shirt contest:

I keep misreading this as "Ugly"

Without our favorite guy perched above:

This was totally cute

I didn’t see any characters out for meet and greets except this one

Rock Star Mickey? You're pushing it here, folks.

There were some celebrities signing items, like Jack Lindquist who I failed to get a picture of, and Belle herself, Paige O’Hara.

I didn't have anything to get signed so I just took this picture over some guy's shoulder

She was really very sweet

I have no idea who these people are, but everyone else was taking pictures so I felt like I should too.


And finally, if you were following my Facebook entries that day, I mentioned that I completely forgot to bring a pencil or pen of any kind, but when I dug around my purse I did find a set of crayons from Red Robin, in that “You know you’re a mom when…” sense. This one booth selling pens was having an ugly pen contest. I entered said blue crayon in the contest, but I didn’t win.

It seriously should have won

And that was my D23 Expo 2011 day!


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