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Where In Disneyland? Evening Edition

How well do you know your park? Here are a few pics I captured of things I thought were particularly interesting at night. Can you name them? At the bottom will be the answers in Spoilervision (highlight the text with your cursor and it will show up). Please feel free to leave a comment saying how many you got right! But don’t include the answers–they’re already included ;).

























  1. Tomorrowland
  2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  3. The former loading dock of the Motor Boat Cruise, Fantasyland
  4. New Orleans Square (specifically above the Cristal d’Orleans shop)
  5. Autopia
  6. Matterhorn Mountain
  7. Tarzan’s Treehouse
  8. Storybook Land Canal Boats
  9. Above the Village Haus restaurant, Fantasyland
  10. Big Thunder Ranch, Frontierland
  11. The entrance to Club 33 (this is a tour group)
  12. Walt’s apartment above the fire station!


Where in the Land at Disneyland

Let’s play a little game. It’s called “Where in the Land at Disneyland?” Yes, I know that sounds a bit awkward, but “where in the world” made me think of the Mouse-in-Law and even worse, Matt Lauer. Yikes.

So here’s how it goes. I post pictures and you identify where they are. Some are easy, some are more obscure. I will put the answers at the bottom of the post, and if you’d like to make a comment, you can say how many you got right. But don’t post the answers. Because I’m posting the answers and that kind of defeats the purpose, you know?

Here goes:

Photo #1


Photo #2


Photo #3


Photo #4


Photo #5


This part is what is called Spoilervision. That is, the answer is actually in white and you just highlight the space in order to see it.


Photo #1 –> Splash Mountain

Photo #2 –> Pooh Corner Store

Photo #3 –> Frontierland train station

Photo #4 –> Tiki Room

Photo #5 –> On the path between Tomorrowland and the castle, near Pixie Hollow

Hope you had fun!

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