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Donald’s Boat, S.S. Miss Daisy

Yep, still here in Toontown. What can I say, I tend to take a bunch of pictures at the same time, so there ya go.

Nestled in between Goofy’s house and Gadget’s Go Coaster is Donald’s Boat.

Apparently in dry dock


Well, there is water, but this boat is certainly not floating by any stretch of the imagination.

Donald’s boat does sit right next to a waterfall.

The front side of water



The back side of water. But you saw that coming, didn't you?


Sadly, the inside of Donald’s Boat suffered the same fate that the bounce house in Goofy’s House did. That is, there used to be something to do, and now there isn’t.

There is, as you can see, an upstairs and a downstairs. These are reached by way of a stairway next to the back side of water. However, once upon a time, there was another way to get upstairs.

See that net? And the big gaping hole?


You used to be able to climb a net to get to the top. Now you just sort of have this inexplicable hole.



There also was a spiral staircase that went up too, but they blocked both ends of that.

The upstairs is small but cute.

Theo REALLY liked it up here


And in the absence of things to do downstairs, you have big blank spaces where children can lie down.

Or fall. I'm not quite sure what this kid is doing.


That duck face thing is a communication tower to the upstairs. At least I think it is. I didn’t try it out.

Oh, and I forgot the best thing about upstairs–buttons! There are buttons to press! Buttons! I MUST PRESS A BUTTON NOW! <– Theo

Once again, it’s a shame that Toontown has been stripped to a shell of its old self. I really wish they would do something about that.

Jolly Trolley

First off, Random.org says congratulations to Stephanie–she’s our big winner of What to do in Line: Disneyland! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I have covered the beautiful Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe, so now it’s time to head to the back of the park for another Jolly experience–the Jolly Trolley in Mickey’s Toontown!

Wait, is that a Disney Vacation Club sign?


The Jolly Trolley sits right in the heart of Toontown and it used to run a loop from one end of Toontown to the other.

It ran on tracks just like these:

Actually, exactly like these, since these are the original tracks.


Have you noticed I’m speaking of it in the past tense?

(on a side note, the past tense has been haunting me lately. I’m working on a novel and it just keeps switching from past to present tense, which can sometimes be an artistic choice, but not when it happens in the same sentence.)

Yes, unfortunately, the Jolly Trolley doesn’t run anymore. Rumor has it that it appears to be a victim of its own popularity. As Toontown grew in popularity, it became more crowded, and people were constantly blocking the tracks. Sort of like the Main Street vehicles, which they also don’t run at crowded times.

I mean, can you even imagine that Main Street car with its honk honk horn moving approximately 0 miles per hour trying to thread its way through post-parade traffic? Insane.

Anyway, so the Jolly Trolley remains stationary, and a fun place to take a picture or sit for a short while.

Sorry, but this guy does not look very jolly


Like everything else in Toontown, the theming is whimsical and fun.

I love the key on top


But now, sadly, it’s used as a Disney Vacation Club outpost (although not 100% of the time). I never got to ride the Jolly Trolley, though I hear good things about it. Perhaps one day they will bring it back. Maybe put one of those cow catcher things on the front to just plow through guests who  happen to get in the way. Heh.

Goofy’s House–The House of Goof?

Once upon a time, Disneyland ended at Small World. I mean, the onstage area ended at Small World. And then they put in Toontown. Now let me just be honest here, Toontown is the area I spent the least amount of time in. Partly because it’s all the way in the back of the part and I’m exceedingly lazy, but also because there’s not a lot of shade and it always feels like 15 degrees hotter back there than anywhere else.

And with that ringing endorsement...

The nice thing about Toontown is that it’s kind of like Little Kid Land, and there’s a lot for little kids to do and explore.

I’ve already covered Mickey’s House and Minnie’s House, but did you know that Goofy and Donald live there too?

Fact: Goofy and Donald live there too.

Goofy’s house is conveniently adjacent to a play area, which really comes in handy when you have a toddler who needs to blow off some energy. Like I do. Have a toddler, I mean, not energy to blow off. I wish I did though.

And a play area. I kind of wish I had a play area.

Theo loved the play area.

He's a big fan of slides.

Goofy’s house is rather ramshackle, unsurprisingly.

Goofy's house, kind of, behind the tree.

And in case you wonder why I don’t cover more attractions when I’ve got the kid along, it’s because while I was taking the above picture, this happened:


The lesson here is clearly to dress your child in a brightly-colored shirt so that when you are done taking pictures of other things, you can locate him later.

Or just put the camera down and run after him, like I did.

Anyway, Goofy’s house has an entrance onto the play area.

Is that some sort of lighthouse architecture?

And I’ll be honest. While there is some elaborate decorating inside, Goofy’s house was a pretty big disappointment, especially compared to Mickey’s and Minnie’s houses. There’s basically one big room, and if you look up you see this:

I have an intense fear of sharks, but this one does make me laugh.

Here’s an awkward angle:

I was going for an artsy, forced-perspective shot here. Right.

But mostly Goofy’s house is one big room, and not all that populated either. There’s the piano:

Theo did love banging on it

And some sort of wardrobe/cabinet/spinner toy thing:

Great and all, but we actually kind of have one of those spinner things at the park across the street, and that's free.

And classic Goofy art on the walls:

Ah, the good old days

While I’m being honest, it’s really kind of underwhelming. Theo did have a good time, and I liked just kicking back and watching him  knock things over and terrorize other little kids  play, but it wasn’t nearly as good as Mickey’s or Minnie’s house.

Which kind of makes you feel bad for the old Goof. I mean, he’s always kind of getting the short end of the stick. It’s not his fault he’s that tall. Or that he’s some kind of weird talking dog when Pluto gets to be a regular dog. It can’t be easy wearing patched, ill-fitting clothing. Not to mention that hat. But somehow, Goofy pulls it off, so we applaud him.

No idea where he sleeps though. On the floor?

UPDATE: Reader Amber informs me that Goofy’s house used to be a bounce house! I HAD NO IDEA!!! It’s too bad they took the bounce part out. That would be really cool.


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